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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/4/2003 5:31:58 PM EST
Well I want to pump out the last 6 panels this coming Sunday. I thought I would do it on Saturday, but we are going to the American Royal in KC on Saturday. I am hoping we are not staying the night.....
Anyway...tenatively I want to start building in the morning or afternoon, I cant get as wasted as I did last time, having to work on Monday.
I figure if I can get two or three people I can work solely on steel. If not, that splintery stuff has to get done and outta my garage!!

Which brings me to the questions:

Will all this be transported to CMMG for permanent residence?

If so, when can MODCC members access it?

Will CMMG be using it for training purposes in the MODCC down time?

Will MODCC members be charged to run the COF's ?

I am really grateful that we have access to a range that feels much safer and more flexible than Rocky Forks, but this is still private land and there are a lot of MODCC members.

If this all pans out, with the COF's and reactive setups, Jeff & John you may be getting a lot of phone calls from people in the club wanting to shoot on weekends, holidays, etc.
How do you all feel about that?
More specifically, how do you see this all working out (Jeff and John) for your space (CMMG) in the long run?

Inquiring mind wants to know!


Link Posted: 11/5/2003 6:02:57 AM EST
Shamusmcoi has been kind of the go between man between MODCC and CMMG because I think he knows them pretty well.

I'll run this by him and see what they have already discussed. But here's what I think: they are doing us a big favor by letting us shoot there, so as long as we can shoot our matches every month, I'm happy with that. So far, I think they have said they are fine with us shooting there at least once a month. Also from what they have said in the past, putting work into the range was our way of 'paying our dues.'

As far as storing the materials there, if they let us, that would be great because it would seriously cut down on the workload and the setup time for the shoots. I figure if they let us keep stuff there, I personally don't mind if they use it for their own purposes when we are not around, as long as they take good care of everything. Of course a lot of you guys have put a lot of effort into the materials by donating your time, money, supplies into building them, so what do you guys think about this???

As far as how often we will shoot there? Well, MODCC is just set up for one shoot a month. Of course that doesn't mean you can't shoot every day if you want, I'd just keep in mind that the CMMG range is not our personal playground.

I personally don't want to bug Jeff and John about shooting on their land more than one a month. They own it and are responsible for what happens there, so I figure at least one of them will need to be present whenever someone is shooting on their land. Therefore, it would seem like a big inconvenience to them if people are calling every weekend to shoot there. They have lives and families too, plus they have a business to run and might need their range for paying customers.

I think they are doing us a big favor and I really appreciate it, so I personally don't want to overstep their generosity. So if you have materials (target stands, reactive targets, barricades) that you want access to at all times of the year, I would recommend that you guys keep them at home and bring them to the CMMG range for the scheduled shoots. That way in your off times, you can shoot at Rocky Forks and other public ranges.

These are just my personal feelings, I don't represent CMMG in anyway, so I will wait for their final say.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 7:08:56 AM EST
well here is my 2 cents, don't mean much. I think Jeff and John, should be able to do what ever they want with it. there nice enough to let us shoot. they let us play with the toys. plus they give stuff away at the shoots and sponsor us. i think we should give them the stuff and let them do what they will. the insurance and stuff they have to have on that range cant be cheap, i mean not making us pay to shoot should be enough. people like cmmg worth there weight in gold for something like this. like i said just my 2 cents and if i tick somebody off wont be the first time. im afraid im not very skilled in my speech anymore and im blunt and to the point.let me repeat. i say we make a gift of it to them. if they can use it more power to them. Ronald
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 12:40:14 PM EST
Wow! maybe I should have phrased it less critically?

In no way was I trying to imply that this was something that I was taking for granted!!! If anything I wanted to just know what's what!!!

I too feel that Jeff and John are going out on a limb doing this for us.

The COF's, I really only want to participate with you all anyway. The walls we are building for the COF's are pretty nice, and I was hoping they could live at CMMG and be used however they please.
As far as paying dues is concerned, that is why I am doing what I am doing. I was not able to actually 'WORK' on anything that weekend because of my family obligations. I wanted to be there to show support and find out what I could do on my own time.

The reactive targets are going to be a little of both donation, and some are going to be kept at my place. I shoot way too much to keep all my steel in one place.
I just have so much of it, I wanted to get the walls done and the steel done in time, so that I knew what I was going to leave at CMMG and what I was going to keep to lug around to the ranges I shoot at on the weekends. Logistics really are my motives in this post. Not greed.

And in all honesty...I like having the build-fests, because it give me a chance to work with my hands, with free materials, and be with a bunch of people who like to talk guns and feed the fuel for my addiction to these lovely black rifles.

Link Posted: 11/5/2003 12:53:06 PM EST

I didn't think you were coming off bad at all with your honest questions. I never thought you were being critical or greedy or unappreciative, just curious. Sorry if my reply made you feel that way, me no good with the talkie. I was just giving my personal opinion of the situation, I definitely wasn't trying to step on your (or anyone else's) toes.

All your concerns were valid ones, especially considering how much effort you all have put into this. These things need to get figured out one way or another, so it's good that you asked them. But I am confident all will work out well, because all parties involved seem to be on the same wavelength here.

Link Posted: 11/5/2003 4:54:21 PM EST
I too am no good wit da talkie.
Youll have to forgive my response. I have been so frickin hypersensitive lately because of the sh*t-fu*k I have to work with at my job.
I seem to be transposing his being pissed at me, to everything lately.
Just wanting to see what page everyone is on.

Link Posted: 11/6/2003 10:19:52 PM EST
As a side note (not to steal the thread)-

I am going to send Jim Loveless a "Thank You Note" for letting us use the Rocky Forks Range...
I'll explain that we moved our shoots to a different location, because (1) RANGE OFFICER seemed inflexible, and our goal was not to piss anyone off...
I'll say it in a nice way...
Don't want to burn any bridges with the CA...

HKocher & guys
Could use some input here, any ideas???

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