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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/21/2005 12:04:24 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/21/2005 12:05:33 PM EST by stlshot]
Has anyone haad any experience with the city of St Louis? I called ATF about a c&r and a ffl-they sounded like no big deal.I called the state for a sales tax number.No big deal,name address phone,and min$25 against tax bill. Call City.....got phone transfered about 7 times.Then told will need a business inspection for my house because ATF doesn't want any waivers(I can check this at ATF)I asked what is required to comply with the inspection....THEY CAN'T TELL ME!!WAIT TILL YOU FAIL AND FIX WHAT THEY DON'T LIKE I think they just want to keep people from getting a ffl.Oh almost forgot..will also have to have all my nieghbors sign that its OK for me to have a retail firearms business running out of my house. all I want to do is legal transfers for people I know.And to order off-duty guns for some of the locals(blue and brown shirts) not run a full-service retail shop.
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 12:22:41 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/21/2005 12:23:33 PM EST by fatk1d]
Well, I can't say that I'm surprised. Who does the business inspections for the house? They should at least be able to tell you that and then you can contact that person/group. The department responsible for the inspections has to know what they are looking for. If they still give you the run around, perhaps a call to a civil(?) law firm can point you in the right direction.

I do sincerely wish you luck. I'd like to hear how it turns out.

ETA: Please carry a camera with you to record reactions of your neighbors when you ask them the question. Also, what qualifies as a "neighbor"? An entire city block?
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 12:42:12 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/21/2005 12:42:38 PM EST by stlshot]
Fir marshal,electrical.plumbing,they must think I want to stockpile a ton of gunpowder or someting. ----I live in a small court, so theere sre only 10 other house on my block.
Link Posted: 12/21/2005 2:17:47 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 4:58:59 AM EST
Welcome to the City of St. Louis Business Climate; why the city will never recover - just add the gun factor on top of it . .
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 11:07:31 AM EST
jan 3 just mailed my C&R license app away...Thinl I'll sit on the full ffl for awhile since I stirred the pot by asking zoning and other city offices about a business lic......
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 12:44:07 PM EST
I'm an LEO and had an FFL for 25 years. A few years back, the department suddenly put pressure on us because we effectively were running a business from a residence. They were a big enough pain in the ass that I gave up my FFL. It's funny that it was done to dramatically reduce the number of FFL's in the City because of one or two bad apples (non LEO FFL's) selling guns to the gang bangers. The first group of people they hammered were cops!
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 7:42:37 PM EST
sounds like Harxxx when he was chief then mayor. Also when I handed my Cleo copy in, the person bragged."there used to be 250 ffl in the city.I turned the list over to city licence colector and now there are 50"
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 3:47:00 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/30/2006 1:56:27 PM EST
I have just opened my mail.I now have a C&R!!!
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 11:30:08 AM EST
Just remember you cannot hold more than one type of FFL so if you decide to go to the Full Slam type 01 you will surrender the C&R and also remember that you need to be in the business of selling guns so make sure to advertise that you do transfers....
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