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Posted: 8/14/2007 9:24:48 PM EDT
Just wanted to get a lil info on some of the parts of town I do NOT want to rent a appt. in. Any input would be greatly appreciated, also hows the gun laws out there?

Link Posted: 8/14/2007 10:15:38 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 11:59:59 PM EDT
I wouldn't live in any of it. but stay away from the east side esp. don't know much about the rest.
Link Posted: 8/15/2007 4:19:08 AM EDT
East side (suburbs) is ok, just not downtown. I grew up in Donelson and its still a good place to live, so is Hermitage but alot of people are moving to Mt. Juliet and Lebanon (I considered these long drives when I was growing up there). By today standards, 20-25 miles out is getting acceptable.

Many people move to the Brentwood/Franklin area as it has the million dollar homes and upscale amenities. However, there are homes found in about all price ranges around. This area has the newer malls, popular shops, and plenty of congestion for you.

Still yet, many opt for moving out to Murfreesboro (again, 20-25 miles out) but considered now to be an option.

hope this helps, I don't currently live there but have family still there and grew up there.
Link Posted: 8/16/2007 3:24:43 PM EDT
Places to avoid like sleeping with the Hildebeast:

1) Antioch
2) North Nashville (Jefferson St. area)
3) South Nashville (Fairgrounds area)
4) Shelby Park area

Everything else should be good to go, generally speaking. Antioch has been taken over by the Latinos, so if you don't habla, then adios, amigo.

Everywhere else, let you budget decide. You might try the Murfreesboro area & then drive in to Nashville, a 20-30 minute commute in clean traffic. MTSU is there, LOTS of friendly, hard-bellied little Southern girlies who generally aren't afraid of either fahr-arms or beer.............
Link Posted: 8/17/2007 7:25:26 AM EDT
I second the votes for Murfreesboro, but if you want just as nice of a place and a 10 min shorter drive to Nashville, try Smyrna. You drive right through it on your way to Mboro, and there are plenty of nice places.

I've also got a new 1152 sq ft 2 BR 2.5 BA townhouse with all appliances for rent about 3 minutes off I-24's exit 70 on Nissan Drive / Almaville Rd.

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