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Posted: 10/3/2004 5:51:34 PM EDT
Michigan is one of the slave states with restrictions on class 3's and aparently only FFL's can have NFA, except Destructive Devices which noone can have, so my question is in Michigan can a C&R FFL order any class 3 they want?....

Specificly if I get a C&R FFL can I register an AR-15 as an SBR in Michigan?, and can I order a silencer?....

If Stewert is upheld by the Supreme Court, what exactly will that mean, can we start building machineguns from parts kits?, converting semi-automatics?, building DIAS's, or Lightning links?, or does it have to be a completely unique desighn?, and would it apply for everyone or just the 9th circuit juristiction?, and would we still have to fill out a form 1, and if we do do we still have to pay a tax?, would it be like any other home built gun and not requir any paper work or taxes, or would it still require a tax but no paperwork?....
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 6:04:13 PM EDT
With a C&R license you can own a machine gun which qualifies as a Curio & Relic. A list of qualifying arms can be found on the ATF web page. The only machine guns you may own would be C&R guns.

No, you may not register an AR15 as a SBR and no, you may not own a silencer.

Sorry but Stewart doesn't apply to us here. We still would have the State laws in place that we currently have.

Machine guns from parts kits.......Nope
Converting semi autos................Nope
Lightning links............................Nope

The only thing you can have here with the C&R FFL are guns that qualify as a C&R gun. If you want the newer faster stuff, you will need to have your dealers FFL as well as having paid your SOT. Another route would be the manufacturers FFL. Both of these options are big money as well as mucho paperwork.
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