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Posted: 5/5/2004 7:22:36 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/5/2004 7:30:30 AM EST by threefiftynone]
4 shots fired. Nobody injured.

1 car hit., according to our local news outlet, that is.


I'm glad nobody taught the involved parties how to shoot. God forbid the thought that Daddy taught somebody to shoot a pellet gun in the back yard when they were 5 years old. Someone could have been hurt.

I know, old news. Any discussion?

Link Posted: 5/5/2004 7:53:57 AM EST
I'm glad they nabbed the shooter and no one was hurt.

The media is sure to play this up as school violence, guns bad, etc etc..
Link Posted: 5/5/2004 9:00:54 AM EST
OK,Lets see.We need to pass a law about firearms on school property......WAIT,WE DID THAT ALREADY.
A lot of good that did.Again crooks don't obey the laws!
NAACP going to get in on this one?
Link Posted: 5/7/2004 2:16:17 PM EST
good grief. public floggings comes to mind as a good start here.

its a sign of the times men. if i had done something like that, the police would have been the least of my troubles - in fact, i'd be glad to see them.

one thing that gets me going is to hear them say on the news that 2 "kids" or "children" were involved in some violent act.
at 17 -18 years of age, you are a man. some of these "boys" are already bigger and stronger than this old wolf will ever be.

there is no fear of the law or consequences taught or driven home when it should be to our young folks. kinda reminds me of the secondhand lions movie - not an exact quote but duvall says this is what happens when some kid is spoiled and allowed to be impolite, etc. and most folks are too nice to put a stop to it.

Link Posted: 5/7/2004 2:24:35 PM EST
I am a young guy, been out of school for 6 years now, and when I was in school, if there was a problem, it was a fight, and a week later there is new best friends. These days are changing anymore and it is failure of single parent homes, broken homes, ect... I was raised country, I was taught gun safety at a young age, started with the bb gun, then .22, 20 guage, 30-30, 12 guage then 30-06. One thing I always remember my dad teaching me is, you can never take it back, once you pull that trigger, what happens happens, you was the prevention of that. He served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, so he knows a thing or 2 about shooting at someone. If parents would spend more time with there kids, hunting, fishing, camping, or anything instead of sitting them in front of the tv to watch, this country would be much better off. Its hard sometimes to take me serious cause of my age, but I do have wisdom beyond my age.
Link Posted: 5/7/2004 7:40:39 PM EST
Kind of ironic, but I went to Lexington High School. Lexington, SC that is. We had a shooting in the school one day when I was a freshman. That was like 1991. It was over an argument over a sandwhich. Lexington, SC is pretty rural. There are collard fields across the street from and behind the school, and commercial chicken coups down the raod. I knew many a friend who went hunting before school with weapons in the truck in the parking lot. Shotguns, rifles... Only shooting there I know of. Only one in the county as far as I know. But it can happen anywhere, even Your Town, USA. I'm glad in this case everyone was OK. The victim at my school was hit once, but was OK after a day or two at the hospital. You just never know!

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