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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/25/2006 7:27:51 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/5/2006 7:31:41 PM EST by JYogi]

Hi Everyone.
I REALLY need some help here if anyone is going to the Louisville show OR if you know someone that works at the show or in the convention center.

I just got home (Michigan) from spending the past two days down in Louisville for the gun show, WOW did I have a GREAT time. It was AMAZING! Our shows in MI are a 1/10th of the size and a 1/4 of the vendors are selling jerky or TShirts so to see something that large with none of that junk was just AMAZING!

Now here is where I need your help.

I made a purchase from a dealer in the middle of the show. (No, I am a DUMBASS and do not know the dealers name). The dealer was from Grand Rapids Michigan (couldn't have been many dealers from MI there let along Grand Rapids). Anyway between the two of us we forgot a VERY important piece of the paperwork which both him and I need. I REALLY need to get in touch with this guy ASAP

If someone is going to the show tomorrow, someone knows someone who works for the show or center maybe you can help me. Surely I know you cant go asking every dealer there if they are from Michigan but MAYBE you could

1) Ask at the front desk if they have a dealer in MI and get his name and phone number or booth number and go there and get his name and number from him?


2) Give me the name and # of someone who works for the show I can contact to get this info


3) Give me a # to the convention center so I can try to reach someone from the show there on the phone tomorrow (I doubt Id be able to get through the switch board and all that hoopla to actually get someone from the show though.

I bought a nice old Colt LW Commander from him and I need the paperwork to register it here, I am up a creek wtihout a paddle if I don't do this. We are both from MI so if I can just somehow get in touch with him I can get this all worked no problemo. ANY HELP at all you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated!

Please PM me if you can be of any help at all, want to talk to me to find out more info or anything. THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH for your time and I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

IM or Email, whichever is easiest for you. It is 12:30 and I must get some sleep now, I am coming down with a cold and havent gotten 10 hours of sleep combined in the past two nights but as soon as I wake up I will check my mail and all throughout the whole day.
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 11:58:33 PM EST
PM sent! hope it helps! I will check too as im going this morning
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