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Posted: 12/26/2003 1:35:20 PM EDT
Found two great shops in the area!  Shooter's Den on San Mateo & August Arms on Southern Blvd.  Great places to visit.

Showed up at the Shooter's Den at closing to pick up a red dot site for my uncle.  We went in and they had another customer inthe store chatting.  They had the red dot sight I wanted and it was at a fair price w/ little mark up from what I could have mail ordered it off the internet.  OK selection or AR and semi auto guns.

August Arms on Southern was just a great place.  I will visit them everytime I return to New Mexico.  My uncle and I spent over an hour in there fondling the class 3 stuff.  I even bought a 30rd AR mag b/c I just wasn't gonna leave there without buying something.  Yep, I paid about $5.00 more for it than I would have at a Houston Gun Show, but I liked the owner and the folks who were hanging out there.  His Class 3 prices were fair.  I even managed to look at an actual Walther MPL and yes, the Walther mags are the same as the mags for my Powder Springs MAC 10 9mm.

ASSHOLE ALERT!  STAY AWAY from:  CALIBERS or CALIBER gunshop and Indoor range on Paseo.  They are the biggest group of assholes I have ever run into at a gunstore & in Housont, there are several gunstores that reach the high end of the asshole scale.  

There is a bank billboard outside their shop that says "We make you feel like a customer, not a tresspasser".  After walking in Calbers, I immediately felt like a tresspasser.  I WILL NEVER set foot in there again.  My uncle and I spent about $150.00 on ammo in there last Christmas.  I felt like a tresspasser then.  I gave then a 2nd chance this year.  They wanted $48.00 for a msith and wesson M3913/M39 9rd mag.  That is something that you can get for $25.00 at a Housotn Gunshow or off the net!  Their ammo was similarly overpriced.  My uncle & I left and went to Walmart and picked up a boxes of 9mm and .45acp.  FUCK THESE TURDS IN A PUNCHBOWL!  I hate buying at wally world, but the guys at Calibers need to be shut down for being dickheads.

If anyone has their email, please forward this to them so they can see that their attitude drives away business.
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