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Posted: 9/13/2004 1:30:25 PM EDT
I'm curious about the NYS rules on shooting on state public lands, specifically those listed as state "multiple use areas"... There is a link in the sticky about Ranges about a range based in one of these areas near Springville, but that's not very close to Rochester, so, I checked the Department of environmental conservation (NYS) website, and there is a state multiple use area similar to the springville site near Canandaigua..

Stid Hill seems to be open for really doing much anything you like there, it says it's open for hunting of small game (turkey, squirrels, etc, obviously any serious hunting would require the license, but that's not my goal anyway)... so I would assume that guns are ok to have there and they're ok to shoot ther,e provided you bring your own targets and pretty much don't leave it messed up with trash?

Anyone with any experience in shooting in the middle of nowhere, let me know how legal this sounds :D
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 3:03:03 PM EDT
as a user of the site near Springville you're probably ok as long as you find a place with a good backstop. there's a hill at the one in springville. the time the forrest ranger showed up he just said to make sure to clean up after ourselves and left, pretty nice guy.
Probably a good idea to email the dec to be sure
not sure which of these categories is most appropriate
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 4:59:17 PM EDT
Upon further reading of the DEC's site, this pdf states that Target shooting is legal in state forests unless specifically posted as not allowed, and as long as it is cleaned up after and done safely, so it looks like it's all in the clear.

This should be a fun weekend with the AR :D
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