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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 5/6/2003 11:29:42 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/6/2003 6:04:22 PM EDT by new-arguy]
You heard it right. FDCC went bird hunting. Well, clay pigeon hunting anyway. A few of us got together at the Bradford County Sporting Clays range in Waldo. We spent the morning shooting AR15’s and having fun out at the 300 yard range. Then we busted out the scatter guns and gave our best at their excellent sporting clay course. It was a real blast. Dirk_Pitt was the man to beat and non of us even came close to him. But as he tells it, he has an extensive sporting clay history. As for me, heck, I never did anything like that before in my life. But I was there with my custom pump combat shotgun. All 18.5” inches of barrel with no choke tube tactical sling, Surefire forend and a load of shells on the sideshell carrier and butt cuff. Yeah, I looked a little out of place, but it was so much fun. We plan to make it a somewhat regular trip. So any of you who missed this one, just let me know if you want to go next time. Dust off that ole scatter gun and come join us!

AEM thought he could run the course with a Sig! C’mon man, where’s your shotgun!?

That’s better… R-L M4Real, AEM, new-arguy, Dirk_Pitt

Ah, don’t sweat it… even with the pumpgun over the shoulder, ARF.com is still my one true love!

Dirk Pitt takes his shots at the rabbit. See the shell ejecting?!

M4Real tracking the bird at stage 2

AEM doing the same

What a nerd. When’s the last time you saw someone at the low ready in a sporting clays match?

Click – Click- BOOM!

Hey dummy, where’s the rest of your barrel?

Tracking the rabbit

AEM at the next station

Some of them clays were fast man!

It was a really nice day to be out there shooting with good friends!

Pull my finger… oh no, I mean “PULL!”

M4Real aims way up high!

So does AEM

Dirk at station 5. Some of us still had a chance to beat him at this point. Sorta…

M4Real again

AEM at station 5

Some nerd at station 5

Dirk ready for the Rabbit at station 6, M4 real waits his turn

M4Real’s up! Do you wish the safety on your shotgun had an extra position too!

AEM @ 6. Some of these were really hard!

Me @ 6

Dirk climbs the tower!

M4Real @7, cool, see the shell falling to the ground!?

AEM, man, that’s an aggressive stance for just shooting clays!

This was pretty cool, the birds would fly up from under you and you had to get them at an angle.

Dirk at the next stage

By stage 8, Dirk was WAAAAAY out ahead and feeling pretty confident! The rest of us were sucking wind! Hahaha!

The rest of us just battled it out between eachother

Some bird gun you got there Neil!

“Push!”, oops, no, I mean “pull my finger!, Ah man, forget it, just throw the dang thing!”

Who sucked the most? Only the shadow knows!

Alan at the ready

And busting some clays… well, maybe this is one of them he hit!

Howdja do?

You can pretty much see the whole crew here… except me (taking the pictures) and Samantha (driving the cart)

Position 9, we’re in the final stretch

Bryan jumps in line and takes a few shots

Another angle

I don’t know if anyone found this as funny as I did

OK. I figure this is sort of a mix between a redneck and a yankee…

And Larry, the man behind the clays!

Here’s Bryan keeping score
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 6:36:23 PM EDT

Link Posted: 5/7/2003 6:56:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/7/2003 6:58:25 PM EDT by M4Real]
Man, I used to be pretty good with a bird gun. I don't know what happened though. It ain't like riding a bike for me I guess. So, when we going again? I've got a case of bird shot ready to go.

Oh, and yes Neil, I DO wish my shotgun had an extra position on the safety.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 6:52:05 AM EDT
Just let me know when you're going and I'll be there with my 870. Let's try some skeet @ Gator Skeet & Trap too!
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 7:11:08 AM EDT
So how did you do with that short bbl tactical gun?

What is the fixed choke? Improved cylinder?

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