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Posted: 10/16/2004 2:49:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/18/2004 1:56:24 AM EDT by labrat454]
Please tell me your Davis of Raleigh stories.

Every time I go in there I have to wonder how they stay in business with the crappy customer service and this crap of 3 seconds between each shot. I mead really I there with my mark 23 and suppressor firing at a slow pace, 1-2 seconds between shots - just taking my time, and the range guy is giving my and my friend crap about you are shooting to fast slow it down 3 seconds between shots. Then when my friend leaves as I am packing up I hear this guy talk to the other range guy that people need to leave there problems at home and not bring them to the range to work them out. The other range guy didn't even know about NFA stuff since he asked how I could have a "silencer". This is just one story.

Link Posted: 10/16/2004 8:01:09 PM EDT
I never shot there, about 4-5 years ago visited their store, gun prices were a bit high. You'll get the best prices of firearms at Perry's in Wendell IMHO.

Range rates are higher than at Wake County firearms center.

Never heard of that 3 second rule, that's BULLSHIT! A coworker is a member at PDSHC and she likes it. I never shot there either since I already belong to 2 clubs and took the safety class at the Wake County range so I have 3 places to shoot already.
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 8:39:44 PM EDT
I was there today. The 3 second rule is nonsense. Prices are high on most of the guns. They do have an excellent selection of knives though.
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 8:58:47 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 6:00:08 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/18/2004 1:58:15 AM EDT by labrat454]

* High prices, but hey they give you 10% off for cash HAHAHA, and its still higher then Person Defense Handgun Saftey Center, or Perry's.

* They are screwed up on prices - Walther p22 Blue 3" was 20 bucks cheaper than the Aloy slide on. but the 5" alloy was 20 bucks cheaper than the blue 5". Sorry I forget the actual prices.

* Pre-Ban Full size Uzi 16" for $3000.00 - yes 3 thousand dollars hahahaha

* HK Mark 23 for $2200.00

* Consignment - OA-93 (AR pistol) for $2700.00 before and after 9/13

* Pre-Ban (well not now) Metric Fal mag (actually it was an english fal mag) - $30.00

Range -
* Everyone has to retake the "Saftey Test" since they moved to a new store.

* Hard core on the time you are at the range 12 bucks and hour. Unlike the other range that just charges you a 10 bucks range fee for no matter how long you shoot. Only problem with the other range (person Defense) is its pistol caliber only and 15 yard.

* Very little space in each lane to put your stuff.

* No instruction on the target controls

* Range guys bitching about 3 second between shots rule (according to the owner is a NRA recommendation, whatever)



* Store Credit only and not on guns

* If a gun you just bought a gun (or anything else) and it has a problem they will send it back to the manufatuer at YOUR expense.

* Any problems with anything they sell are to be dealt with the manufacturer not them.

* Can NOT carry concealed in the store. But lease see they sell guns, have a range and have concealed carry classes.

My Stories -
At the old place a guy came out of the range and both doors where open so when someone shot it was loud and the guy behind the counter went nuts on the poor guy. *****ing about everyone one carries a gun in here and that hearing a shot like could be a problem. Im WTF this is a gun store with a range and how does this guy behind the counter know that the shooter had both doors open not someone coming out of the range as the first guy went through the other door?

At the new place the range opened 2 month late (which is a story in itself). A friend had 2 free range passes and ask me to go. So ok its free but I still dont like davis. I show up and have to pay 5 bucks to take the saftey test and my friend has to retake the test (no charge) since its a new place. After Im done with the test I notice on the free pass its a free saftey test also but they cant refund my money but can give me a 12 dollar range pass, WTF? The guy finishes up with the british couple that I think just wanted to shoot a gun for the first time and then instead of taking our test and getting us our range cards he just starts looking out the window until the cashier tells him we are waiting. So then we get our cards start shooting. I am shooting my Mark 23 with suppressor at a slow place or bang 1-2 seconds bang and my friend is trying out his mew XD and shooting about bang 1 second bang. The range guy tells him 3 seconds between shots. Its not like we are all over the place both of us are on target in a nice group. The guy jumps both of us 2 more times about the 3 seconds. We pack up and leave. On the way out I tell them thats nuts and how do you have a conceal carry class with a 3 second rule? Since you have to fire alot faster than that. I get the answer from the range idiot "we schedule it" WTF?

Side note. The british couple were shooting a 22 revolver and making a video of it. Its great that they are doing this but is sad that hey have to come here to do it.

Link Posted: 10/17/2004 3:30:17 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/17/2004 3:32:13 PM EDT by wolffie]
I shot there twice, once when I first moved down here and once when I couldn't find anywhere else to shoot the AR I'd just finished building. They jumped all over me for the 3 second rule thing. But other than that, it wasn't too bad. They were slow, so they didn't keep track of the time I was on the range.

I've gone in to look at stuff several times and had to demonstrate to the guys behind the counter how the firearm operates. Once I was showing a friend an HK, and pulled the slide off to show how easy it was, but the guy behind the counter nearly shat himself. Dude, it's not that hard.

They are a shop geared to the lowest common denominator. They operate on the assumption that no one knows what they are doing, and in that, they don't bother to figure things out for themselves either.

The guy who handles the knives seems to know his stuff, is a good guy and will take care of you if you buy a knife from him. (husky guy with a buzzcut and a goatee) They do have good prices on benchmades, but I've never bought a gun from them.

Go to PDHSC. They are awsome. Or, join one of the local clubs. There are a lot in the area. For the best prices on guns, talk to Bill Rudder in Butner.
Link Posted: 10/18/2004 6:22:49 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/18/2004 6:24:33 PM EDT by jonboat]
I knew I couldn't be the only one who will not do business with them any longer. I purchased a S&W .44 from them a few years back when I first moved to Raleigh. The price was a little high but the guy I talked too was nice enough (young big guy with short hair). I don't mind paying a little extra for good service. Now for my stories...

(1) Had a Colt H-Bar on lay-away for about two weeks when I stopped by Young Guns and found the same gun for $400 cheaper (I know....I didn't do any research first). I asked Davis to match the price and they said they couldn't. They also said they could not refund my money ($700) unless approved by the owner. Well, the owner approved the refund but then charged me a restocking fee of $50 or $75 (it's been a while). The gun never left the shelf...

(2) Bought a leather holster for a Sig p232. Since they have the no carry rule, I had left my pistol in the car. I went out to the car and the pistol would not fit. I walked right back in the store and told them. Of course they went through the usual....leather stretches over time. They had one in the counter so I asked them to try it out. Same result...it didn't come close to fitting and they agreed the leather would never stretch that much. Well, once again, they couldn't give me a refund and that was the only holster they had in that model. I just bought the @#!$ thing 5 minutes before and never left the parking lot. It would be one thing if I just changed my mind....but the holster didn't fit! Well, I got some ammo with the store credit and vowed never to return. As luck would have it, my wife had purchased me a knife there for a present and the lock wouldn't hold. I went back to swap the knife about a week after the holster incident and just had to look. There was one leather holster there for a Sig 232. I don't know for sure but I would bet my 232 it was the same holster. Wonder how many times they sold it and refused to refund the money since they only give store credit on returns. BTW, they didn't have another model of the knife so I opted for some more over priced ammo instead of leaving there with store credit.

(3) It had been a couple of years since the previous problems so I decided to give them another try (they were my closest gun dealer). I wanted to trade in one pistol for another. I know I could have gotten a better deal selling it to another individual but didn't want the hassle. I talked to one of the sales guys (VERY nice fellow) and he told me the manager would have to look over the gun before making an offer. No problem. Well, the manager was busy doing paper work but would be right out. I waited for an hour and a half before leaving. The "manager" never came out even after the sales guy went back several times to find out what the deal was. Since when is doing paper work more important than waiting on customers? JMHO...

I'm a pretty easy going guy and try to see their side but this was strike three for me. None of the events were so terrible but I decided to find dealers whose views of customer service were more in line with my own. Since then, I have made several purchases...none of which came from Davis. I have no plans of ever walking through their front door again. I didn't argue with them over any of the above events.....but I do vote with my money.

Link Posted: 10/18/2004 8:39:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/18/2004 8:43:37 PM EDT by GomerPyle]
I used to go there once in a while when I was at State. They do have some nice stuff, but they are way too proud of it. The only time I went in and had someone ask if they could help me, I bought a pistol. A couple other times, I went in with the cash in my pocket and left when no one made any effort to help me. Guys walking by as I stand in front of the same case for about 10 minutes. The times I did ask them questions, of course they tried to make me feel like a dumbass. I guess they figured a college student would be too poor and stupid to buy anything nice. Too bad for them I was working almost full-time whenever I wasn't in class, and had some money for toys. I would always just wait for the gun show to come to town, so I could buy what I wanted from Ed's in Southern Pines.

Edited to add:

I did buy an Emerson CQC7 from them, too. Got it on sale. They do have a good knife selection.
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