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Posted: 10/29/2004 4:25:02 AM EDT
Hello all!
I am new to the AR15.com community and hopefully soon to be the proud new owner of a AR10 or type rifle (maybe after the funds recover from x-mas).  I need some information, advice and answers.  I have not previously owned this type of rifle before, although have always wanted one, but have been a gun owner since I was 15.  I have hunted since I was 8.   I am not a trophy hunter and hunt for the meat (so I basically shoot the first legal thing that comes along).  I am not nor have I been in the military, but raised by a  father who was a marine and served in Vietnam.  I have great respect for those who have and do serve.  ok enough about me and on to business.

In doing my research it seems that CMMG is the place to go to buy and to shoot.  This is a bit of a drive for me but am willing to make it if they have the best knowledge, selection and prices.   I also would like to watch and get to talk to the guys in the community at one of the shoots.  Is this community open to newbies?
Comments about this?

Keep in mind that I have only been looking at .308 models.
I have been looking at Bushmaster, Armalite, and more recently DPMS.  I have a couple questions and concerns about manufantures.  The bushmaster seems to be the premier manfacturer for civilians but also the most expensive.  The armalite models I have handled seem to be lesser in quality than bushmaster (all the Armalite rifles I have looked at the furniture seem to be loose).  Is this normal? or perhaps a dealer trying to sell the more expensive models?  I dont know.   I have not found a store that carries any DPMS models as of yet that are close by.

DPMS .308's seem to be lacking some of the features of the .223 models according to their catalog.  Flash hiders or compensators, dust covers, shell deflectors, and forward assist are not sold with thier models,  anyone know why this is?  In their catalog they do not list any options for their .308's like they do for the .223.  Being a newbie to the area, I assume that these items can be installed after the fact?  

Now all that being said, is it cheaper to build one from kits and parts than it would be to buy one from a dealer then go in and customize to my liking?  I would like to build one from scratch especially after reading the threads here about building and upgrading yourself.  Although I would have to buy all the tools needed.  My thinking is buy the .308 and build me a .223 from the ground up at a later date.  I really like the idea of having a Beta C mag on a shoot for fun rifle!@  The options for customizing my own rifle tends to get me a little giddy.

So,  I am interested in all comments/advice about manufacturers, calibers, dealers, etc... to help in making my decisions.  If I have missed something in my newbie line of thinking please bring it to light.

sorry it is so long,  I have been thinking about this stuff for some time now.  next time I will break it up to seperate threads.

Link Posted: 10/29/2004 11:26:15 AM EDT
Get to the MODCC shoot! Absolutely a blast! Great folks, lots of run-n-gun type stuff.  
Link Posted: 10/29/2004 12:24:28 PM EDT
Welcome aboard! MoDCC has many very knowledgable folk when it comes to firearms, all sorts of firearms even. As for being open for newbies.... Come on down! You will be welcomed quite warmly and even if you don't have a rifle I am sure someone will be more than happy to let you use theirs for a test drive. The only downside is since you are new to this you will be forever spoiled by all the fun toys you will see (and maybe get to testfire) so that all other shooting matches will suffer by comparison.
See ya on the 6th!
Link Posted: 10/29/2004 12:27:06 PM EDT
Welcome to the club Gnarlyfeet

Whereabouts are you in the state?
Link Posted: 10/29/2004 1:50:42 PM EDT
I am located in the St. Louis area.  I am hoping to get to the NOV 6th shoot...pending wife and daughter approval heh!....to watch and learn..
Link Posted: 10/29/2004 2:00:07 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Gnarlyfeet:
My thinking is buy the .308 and build me a .223 from the ground up at a later date.

You've got the right attitude. You can't own just one! It will be easier if you don’t fight it. Just give in and get out the credit card! A second job would help too.

As far as building one. Go to the Build It Yourself board, read and ask questions. Everyone there was helpful to me.

I'll echo what the others have said, come to one of the MODCC shoots (like Nov.6). You will not regret it! Newbies are always welcome and most everyone shares. Cbell and I have a couple of AR uppers that will make you forget about that 308. There are tons of cool toys there.  
Link Posted: 10/29/2004 11:49:26 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/30/2004 12:06:07 AM EDT by ShakyJake]

Cbell and I have a couple of AR uppers that will make you forget about that 308.

Ain't that the truth

ETA: Gnarly, turn your IM on
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