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Posted: 12/5/2007 6:36:14 AM EDT
Cochran 217 is one of our Sister Lodges.

Here is an incomplete list of "cult like" things they've done this year.

My Lodge in Dexter does similar activities in the community but we do not have a printed list that I can cut and paste so I thought I would be lazy and cut and past this information.

I'm not trying change the minds of the forum member's but I would like to shed a little more light on this most generous organization which can be shrouded in mystery and grossly misunderstood.



This year has gone by way to fast. Every year time seems to speed up even
more. I can remember as a child that things never came fast enough except
for the occasional spanking or chores. Cochran Masonic Lodge has done a lot
in our community this year. We have built wheel chair ramps, bird houses,
planter boxes. We have given our time at the 12th District VA fish fry in
Dublin, working at the high school concession stand, working at the Grand
Lodge picnic cooking black eye peas. We had a wonderful Masonic Widows night
and a great Memorial Dinner this year. We cooked fish for the nursing home
patients and staff. We have had many pancake and sausage breakfasts to raise
money for the Joe Lassiter Secret Santa fund. We have cooked fish, fries and
hushpuppies for 2 successful fish fry's we've had this year. We have donated
thesauruses to the children in the 6th grade at the Middle School. We
sponsored 2 Middle School "Jack Lucas Citizen Ship Awards" and 1 High School
Scholarship award. We are scheduled to line up the floats at the Christmas
parade and feed the Shriner's at our Masonic Lodge after the parade. We are
looking at applications for the Joe Lassiter Secret Santa gift. We are
preparing gifts for the nursing home and having Santa to pass them out. We
are going to make fruit baskets for the Masonic Widows. Boy this doesn't
seem like much when you write it down and I am sure I have left out several
events. If you have participated or helped at any of these events I
sincerely thank you from myself as Worshipful Master and on behalf of your
Masonic Lodge. If you have not been a patron or participated in any of these
activities you have missed out on a good time and a sure blessing at doing
good for others. By being a Mason you are not required to participate in
these events, but it helps others and helps us to develop ourselves into
becoming a better steward of our community. Those who are on the committees
and do the planning and WORK these events teach leadership skills that help
in their own vocations and lives, and eventually maybe even to be the
Worshipful Master of the Lodge. Again thanks to all that have supported our
Masonic Lodge this year, without your help those programs and events would
not have been the success they have been.
Link Posted: 12/5/2007 10:13:28 AM EDT
I did not call the free mason a cult. I simply repeated what I was told by someone that has been there and done that. On the other hand, one sure fire way to get a cult that is not a cult to look good in the community is to do things in and for the community. I think you used the term worshipful master of the lodge. What is up with that? The only master you or anyone else needs to worry about worshipping is God. I mean God as in Jesus and the Holy Ghost. They can do far more for the community than any old free masons.
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