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Posted: 10/20/2004 7:44:39 PM EDT


The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are looking for Brimbaw, Texas.

By Ken Scarborough

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are looking high and low for Brimbaw, Texas, a once-booming financial center of 1.2 million people that investigators say vanished from the face of the earth on June 17, leaving behind just one man who remembers it.

"This is like something out of the Twilight Zone -- and the more I think about it, the weirder it gets," says an FBI agent working the strange case from a field office in Dallas.

"We're talking about a city of over a million people -- a huge banking and financial center -- gone . . . poof! -- just like that. "And all we've got to go on are the recollections of just one man who is struggling to provide us with details.

"When it comes to hard evidence, there's precious little -- but what we do have is intriguing: A brick that apparently is all that's left of the 67-story bank building that anchored Brimbaw's skyline. We've also got a phone book with residential listings for 'Greater Brimbaw' -- including smaller towns that are missing, too, places like Zuckert, Flinne, Morely and Billy Graham City.

"We don't know what to make of it," adds the source. "It's tough enough finding one missing person, much less a missing city and everybody in it."

The mysterious disappearance of the city that seems to have been situated at an unknown spot west of Dallas came to light when an off-duty Texas Ranger found Karl Benner, 42, stumbling along a rural highway with the brick in one hand and the phone book in the other.

According to the cop, the man was "extremely disoriented" and "babbling incoherently" about "a ray of light from the sky."

Benner's recollections are sketchy at best, continues the FBI source. Psychologists who have examined Benner say he remains in shock and is suffering from selective amnesia, which indicates he witnessed something so traumatizing that his mind has blotted it out.

"He knows he was a banker -- he's very clear on that," says the source. "And what's really strange is that he remembers transactions and deals he's made with bankers who are well known in Texas and New York," says the FBI source.

"He knows their business, their habits, their quirks. He also knows intimate details about their personal lives that only a good friend and confidante would know. But guess what? They've never heard of Benner.

"Now that's bizarre." The Department of Homeland Security is helping to investigate the case because the disappearance of a city, in the words of an insider, "has national security implications, especially if terrorists had anything to do with it. "But we're looking at alternative explanations, too.

"Physicists tell us there's a possibility Benner might have arrived in our world from a parallel universe where a city by the name of Brimbaw, Texas, exists alongside towns like Dallas and Houston, which also show up in our world.

"We need to calm Benner down and start getting answers to every question we can think to ask.

"Of course, if Brimbaw didn't just exist in a parallel world, if it did exist here and we just can't remember it because someone or something blotted it from our memory, it may be too late.

"Something we can't see and don't understand may already be at work, undermining our reality and altering our minds. And if that's the case, what else can I say? May God help us all."

Link Posted: 10/21/2004 5:31:00 AM EDT
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