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Posted: 8/21/2004 6:21:23 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/29/2004 7:00:29 AM EST by Slv2fun]
OK, I bought my red dot site today at the Costa Mesa show.

It was a risk because:

1. It was low priced

2. It is not a name brand. It's a knockoff of a hakko BED...whatever... (knockoff of a knockoff...how you like them apples?!)

3. I really don't "NEED" a red dot

4. I did not know if it would cowitness with the sights on the A2

So I took it home...I mounted it on my Sporty carbine...and [see below pics]

Here's why I made the plunge:

1. It was low priced

2. I am not an "operator"...I am not gonna do a HALO jump outta a C127 or whatever at 35,000 feet. You will never see me pop out of the water on the shore of some foreign land with SCUBA rubber on and my trusty M4. And I will never, ever be on any "Real World" missions.

I will go to the range on a nice sunny day and shoot my guns.

BTW: If you ARE an "operator", more power to you! Some foreign land is probably safer for another few years thanks to your efforts...Bravo to you if that's your chosen profession.

3. It looks cool!

4. It is sufficient for taking to the range on a sunny california day

5. Did I mention "It was low priced"?

6. The guys sellin' were nice guys.,..And there are a lot of really nice guys like that at this gun show....they didn't try to impress me with how much they knew about the history of the unit and waste half my day. "yawn"

So, without further delay...


Carbine with red dot.





Whirlpool Carbine

frt view, Carbine


Does it cowitness...well, looky here!


Here is a little more detail of the unit:


The Image Button does not seem to be a-workin. If anyone can tell me how to post pics, I'd be much obliged.


[edited to try to fix links - Paul]
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