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Posted: 7/18/2008 7:07:47 PM EDT
This month we're doing a two-gun match and leaving the shotgun out of the mix. You can choose to shoot handgun and rifle stages or just one of those.

We will do four handgun stages and one or two rifle stages depending on numbers and desire.

Here's a map to the range.

As always our matches are the third Sunday of each month and begin at 10 AM usually finishing by 3 PM with a lunch break on site. Anyone able to safely handle a firearm is welcome to shoot. We are a USPSA sanctioned club and operate under their rules. Entry fee is $10 per shooter.

Equipment - You need a good belt and OWB strong side holster for the handgun of your choice plus 3-5 magazines/reloads and necessary spare ammo carriers. Rifles should have a similar number of magazines but do not need a sling. Any type of safe firearm is welcome.

Ammo - 100 rounds of handgun should be plenty and 50 rounds of rifle will get you through the match although more is always better.

We have shade and a porta-pottie at the range but not much more so bring any food and any liquids you need to make it through the day. We do have a propane grill to cook burgers and dogs if you want to bring some meat for chow.

Come out and enjoy the fun!

Here are some pics of the last few matches to get you motivated...

Link Posted: 7/23/2008 12:16:50 AM EDT
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Sorry I missed this. I will see you at the next one!

Link Posted: 7/25/2008 8:15:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/1/2008 7:54:18 AM EDT by Lomshek]

Smokin’ hot weather near 100 degrees made the day at the range rough on all of us but especially the ones who did not use sunscreen (right Rick).

Edited to add - Link to match scores!

We had 30 shooters take part in the handgun stages and 8 of us stayed for two rifle stages in the afternoon.

Three of the stages had lots of targets and no shoots with plenty of steel including two with a Texas Star in each.

Stage one had us standing in the open blazing at steel and paper.

Even a straightforward stage like this with no barriers had enough targets to mandate plenty of reloads.

Especially if you were running a wheelgun.

Stage two had you shooting around walls and through a port.

Tater61 brought his son-in-law and son down for the match. Here’s the son-in-law hammering stage 2 and the star.

Tater’s son, TaterTot as named by my lovely sidekick Lisa , (sorry dude ) put plenty of lead downrange

Stage 3 was a Mini-Mart scenario. You started with your hands in the air

On the signal reach under the counter for your pistol

and put two rounds in each of three bad guys while avoiding nearby hostages

Then reload from your spare ammo thoughtfully stashed under the counter and put two more rounds in each target for good measure

I was real proud of my time with no misses (7.6 seconds)

And this guy (Weerayuth Juneweeranong) shoots right after me in just 6.6 seconds and blows my score out of the water. Finally I get a decent score and Yuth (shortened name) flies all the way from Thailand to crush me (congratulations Yuth). (I ended up 5th on the stage)

I got that photo of Yuth and this description in our local newspaper's sports section. “PITTSBURG — Weerayuth Juneweeranong, visiting from Thailand, fires over the "counter" at bad guys during the "Mini-Mart Holdup" stage of the July 20 Bone Creek Gun Club defensive shooting match. Weerayuth won the stage firing four shots into each of three bad guys while avoiding hostages in 6.6 seconds and reloading his Glock 9mm once. Thirty shooters from the four-state area took part in the monthly shoot.”

If you haven’t tried it submit a good photo and brief write-up of any matches to the local papers for publication. You might be surprised by an eager welcome for a different kind of sport to cover.

Stage 4 was a series of targets on each side of and centered on a wall. You had to shoot around each side and through the middle of the wall to get all the targets.

After all that we still had two rifle stages. Both of them were modified versions of the two handgun stages without the steel and some longer ranges.

Our next match is Sunday August 17th so pencil the date in on your calendar. See you there!

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