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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/30/2003 10:48:13 PM EST
Anyone here going to the Black rifle convention June 5-8 in Nebo, IL? Has anyone been there before? Is it worth the trip?
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 4:37:40 AM EST
It was an interesting event last year. Many of the industry's manufacturers were there, and it was fun to meet so many board members too. There has been quite a bit of change since then in the "organization" of the event. Not sure how it'll be this year, Since AR15.com is no longer associated with the event. I don't think many of the Industry reps will be attending either. Do a search on here for the topic, you'll get an eyefull.
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 12:10:11 PM EST
I'm not sure, Grock, but I don't think the search will help those of us who are merely members--only goes back 30 days. I didn't find anything, anyway. Maybe just not looking in the right place.

Yet another reason to join the team!
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 3:55:39 PM EST
Ah, good point. Oh well. I think the url for the event is "www.rifle-convention.com" in case anyone wants to check it out.

I have no dog in the fight, and not taking sides!

Link Posted: 5/31/2003 4:10:19 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 10:52:37 AM EST
Now I'm REALLY curious about what happened.

Checked out the website, and the idea of renting a machine appeals to me--I've never shot one and would like to.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 5:58:22 PM EST
I think I'm gonna stop by. I'll be camping with friends about 30 minutes away, so maybe Saturday I'll shoot over there to see what's up. I worked the first BRC, Ran the med and security, so I didn't have much chance to just goof off. Matter of fact, I only slept about 16 hours in 4 days! Not so this time. If anyone else plans to check it out, let me know- maybe we can hook up for lunch or something.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 9:10:02 AM EST
Regardless of who is there, it'll be loads of fun. I'll probably rent more Class III this year, cause I didn't bring enough cash last year.
Link Posted: 6/4/2003 6:03:15 PM EST
If I went down to rent some Class III, what should I expect to pay? How does it work? Whether I go or not depends on how this works.

It's a long drive, but might well be worth it to shoot machine guns!
Link Posted: 6/6/2003 12:55:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/6/2003 12:55:44 PM EST by Aimless]
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 6:58:54 AM EST
Well, it turned out that the Class III rentals were pretty reasonable. Twenty bucks would get you your first magazine, and each subsequent magazine was six additional dollars.

Not bad for FA rental. The Firing Line was the vendor. He had a decent selection, and was a great guy.

I put 4 mags through a G3 and 3 though an MP5.

Someone else that was there had a G36 which I was allowed to burn another twenty rounds through.

Great FUN!
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 5:13:52 PM EST
That's pretty reasonable. I'll have to go down next year. I couldn't get anyone to go with me on such short notice.
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 5:44:30 PM EST
Next year?
Link Posted: 6/10/2003 4:45:09 PM EST

Originally Posted By Grock:
Next year?

No next year??? Did BRC die a horrible death?

Link Posted: 6/11/2003 7:02:01 AM EST
No it didn't, but AR15.com brought the volumes of people to the event. With the severing of the relationship, and all the fallout, the attendance was low compared to last year.

It will be interesting to see whether the sponsers will support this event in the future.

There were a few things that were unique to BRC2003:

1. Better band
2. Better weather
3. Fewer people
4. Ranges within walking distance of the lodge
5. Cheaper Class III rental
6. Better long range shooting

This rendering of the .50 range was generated by Nichcon using GPS.

The benches are represented by the dot in the upper right corner. Targets were steel approx 20x20".

Last years shooting ranges (100 yds.) were located in the lower right corner, with the line located just south of the road shooting toward the levee. Last years long range originated at the intersection of the two gravel roads by the 421 yd target, and shooting was maximum 450 yards towards the levee at the left of the picture.
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