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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/1/2005 2:29:15 PM EDT
Well guys with all this talk about the 50 Cal i'm thinking of bringing mine.. my 50 Cal Black Powder Muzzleloader..

I would like to pick up the supplies i need to replensih but i also need hardwhere.. is there anyplace that has this kind of stuff prefferably in a smaller store where i can get things like powder horns..

Now i would also like to make my own black powder rather then buy it.. does anyone know where i can pick up some Potassiam Nitrate, sulfer, and charcol?

Thanks i am not sure where to get these supplies i can order them online but would prefer to pick it up locally..

Link Posted: 10/1/2005 4:53:17 PM EDT

The Sportsman’s Warehouse on 82nd in Portland is the only local place with lots of Blackpowder stuff I know about. They have a ton of it, but they don’t carry any blackpowder, only Pyrodex. Bimart also carries Pyrodex and a few BP accessories.
Link Posted: 10/2/2005 7:53:41 AM EDT
As I recall, one of the hardware stores in Cornelius-Hillsboro are had black powder and accessories in stock. You'll have to call around.

As for making black powder, don't do it! There is a reason black powder mills are always located in buildings away from anything important, and operated by nervous people.

To properly make black powder, you have to grind the materials, and corn them. This involves wet (with alcohol) powder, static electricity, and machines. BTW, you get different burn properties depending on what the grain size is. Did you just make FFFG or FG powder?

Making black powder is like making match heads, it might be a fun chemistry experiment, but people tend to get POed when you burn down the neighborhood.

If you are dead set on going ahead, make sure you have enough liability insurance to protect you from the following lawsuits. BSW
Link Posted: 10/2/2005 1:22:34 PM EDT
i would not be making very much at a time probably a pound or two and it would be located probabley outside the house in a area with little that can't burn... i've been doing this stuff for a while and becuse its been hard to find the matrieals needed i read up on making and its far from hard..you need a ball mill /w hardend lead balls no other kind as they make sparks. i am not excatly sure what grade i will make but probably experament tell i find one that will works well the grain size i need is FFG but i also need FFFG for the pistol i have, and when i do make a cannon or the like i wont mill it at all just mix it..

thanks for the info on that if by some random chance you remember what the stores name is i would really appresate it.


*this is all basied on my personal intrest in pyrotectnics and chemsitry as well*
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