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Posted: 1/26/2014 1:36:09 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/26/2014 1:39:19 PM EDT by dogesco93]
Hey guys, let me just start by saying this time next year I hope to be a TN resident

I'm a senior at a major university just N of ATL (see avatar). I'm currently on schedule to graduate this December if everything goes according to plan. I'm getting a BBA in Accountancy, with plans to pursue my CPA.  

I've lived in GA since middle school and love the state, but I'm looking to start my life in the great state of TN as soon as I graduate. I have absolutely zero desire to start a career in ATL (traffic sucks, crime, looking for new scenery). I have a grandparent in TN and ave always loved the state (weather, location, people, mountains, cities, and no state income tax!) and want to make this happen.

I know this is premature, but I'm a big planner and always prepare myself for what is to come. I want to start looking into Knoxville for the most part because of the area and plans to pursue my CPA. I like the area of the state it is in (close to the mountains/country, still the city) and have family in NC. However, one of the most attractive reasons I'm looking into Knoxville is for the University of Tennessee and their MAcc (masters accountancy) program. I have a high undergrad GPA (3.5+) and have gained interest in pursuing a CPA license.

All MAcc programs begin in August and run through July. I have a gap from Jan-Aug where I will be working no matter where I end up going to graduate school. I'm graduating in December and want to start my life in Tennessee so I have begun looking into my options. So, I figured it would be perfect if I worked in Knoxville and then started back school in Fall 2015 or Fall 2016 (depending on residency status to gain in state tuition). I'm emailing the program coordinator tomorrow to get more information and to start planning things out. I also have a very serious SO who I have been with over 4 years. She loves TN as well and would move up after she graduates in May of 2015.

With that being said, are any of you guys living/working in the Knoxville area? I looked up a few CPAs through a google search and it seems like there seems to be a fair number of firms. I'm not sure how hard it would be to get a job, especially being fresh out of school. I wouldn't move unless I had a job lined up. Is there any other parts of the state I should be looking into? Or if any of you guys are currently working in the field in the area and have any leads, please let me know.

Any info, advice, or words of wisdom is greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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