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Posted: 11/4/2009 4:26:35 PM EST
Posted on our upland and dog forum, please see if you know the owners. Thanks

Im a deputy for San Bernardino County and I patrol the San Antonio Hts and Mt Baldy area. This is kind of a cool story so read on....

While driving north/bound on Mountain Ave. just south of SBNF Fire station I found a GSP in the middle of the road limping.....it appeared it had been hit. A lady was risking her life to get the dog so i took over and loaded it into my patrol car. I took the dog around and asked the local people if they knew who the dog belongs to and they said it had been running around for a few days. it was extremly skinny and weak. I took it to the VCA in Upland and told them I would adopt it if Animal Control said it was okay.

I picked it up this moring in Upland free of charge. . he gets along with my kids and female mutt dog.......but loves to point my rooster and try to eat him. Its his nature....This dog had obviously had some time and effort put into him. He doesnt like my horses and likes to chase the cats. I have owned a few hunting dogs but they were raised around my other animals and werent too good of hunting dogs LOL.

The dog is very behaved. if everyone spreads the word mybe his owner can be found....until then Im going to use him for the season, but he'll be in a kennel. I cant keep him so I will give him away to a HUNTING home. Dont message because you want the dog, MESSAGE IF YOU KNOW WHO THE OWNER MIGHT BE. I will post when im confident the owner is not going to surface.

Thanks for reading.....


Howdy Nate,
Sounds like a bad week for GSPs. You just described my experience with one up here in the desert that I found Sunday. She seems to have some training. She looks to be fairly old with some grey around the muzzle. Contacted AC and a few vets and a few other people. A neighbor is coming over to scan her for a chip. If we can't find the owner I can keep her but will probably find a home for her.
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