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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/22/2001 12:15:52 PM EST
i am having a problem with this POS nott feeding ammo the way it should, as in the round goes in and jams at a 45 degree angle stuck between the chamber and the mag looks like it is getting hung up on the extrator. it does this with ALL ammo. i have tried about four different mfg including handloads
any body out there have a similar probem with their colt or colt clone?????
thanks in advance for the help
Link Posted: 11/22/2001 1:57:50 PM EST
E D i hate to be the bearer of bad news but the hardballer is the biggest piece of shit there is
i had nothing but trouble with both of mine 1 one went back to factory gone 2 months i marked all the parts i think they just changed the mag
it never ran a mag with out a malfuntion,i got pissed went back to a dealer to trade it he wouldnt take it back<he said it was a piece of shit) so i took it back to where i got it they exchanged it.......same shit gun would jamb up and not feed so i gave it to a smith who knew his way around a 1911 pretty well a week later i pick it up he says "no charge but dont ever bring that pos back in my shop" it was a real learing experence................now to your prob get someone to polish the extractor,and gently polish feed ramp& chamber, maby start swaping out links........i am not bashing 1911 ,s or clones i love em just the amt......... a pig in a dress is still a pig.
Link Posted: 11/22/2001 2:45:00 PM EST
i think i fixed this thing!!!!!
it turned out that the relief cut in the breech face was a little tight for some of the brass that was trying to be fed. that said all it took was a little polishing to the sides to open her up just a tiny bit. cycled some ammo through her by hand he now about that extractor that i broke...............[>Q]
Link Posted: 11/22/2001 3:46:25 PM EST
Only other thing you might want to try is some different mags. They are a main cause of malfunctions in 1911's. Try that if your polishing job doesnt seems to have fixed it once you live fire it again.
Link Posted: 11/22/2001 4:51:47 PM EST
glad to hear that you got it.......i didnt mean to come off to rough earler just have a bad taste in my mouth about AMT guns bad luck with all 3 that i have owned 2 1911 clones a backup
Link Posted: 11/22/2001 8:21:39 PM EST
thanks guys for all the help
it has two brand new colt mags for it and it had the problem with those also.
as far as it being an amt, well they are a piece of shithe. once i replace the extractor i will again test it out for feed problems, i have already polished the feed ramp and chamber, thinking about getting a better barrel, anybody recommend a good one at a fair price that requires a minimum of fitting?
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 1:30:36 AM EST
Oh ya, dont remind me. Had one of the first ones made. It came with a note to use two kinds of grease to prevent galling. It originally would not feed hardball! The barrel's feed ramp actually stuck out past the frame's feed ramp making the journey into the chamber impossible. Some careful recontouring of the bottom of barrel's feed ramp cured that problem. I understand they use/used non-standard parts too. The only reason I got it was because I always wanted a stainless 1911, back then, that was all there was...live and learn.
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 7:11:28 PM EST
I had one of the .22 mags, POS. When it decided to work you could'nt hit $hit with it, I bet I bought 20 different brands, bullet weights and never could get a decent group at 10yds. Finally traded it, for what I can't remember.
Link Posted: 11/25/2001 6:37:02 AM EST
help!!!!!!!!! my amt hardballer sucks

Am I the only one that sees a dirty joke there?
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 11:58:30 AM EST
finally live fired this pos again, and after much yelling, screaming, gnashing of teeth, not to mention not a little work with a jewlers file -HING- only problem now is that i spent more on this damn thing to get it working right than it would have cost for an LEGPhock.gif oh well live and learn i guess
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 3:20:13 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/8/2001 4:14:45 PM EST
maybe i can talk ANTIussa into trading it straight up for the LEGP then???????

nope didnt think so
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