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Posted: 5/8/2004 3:27:07 PM EST
im buying a glock soon and want to know how much diff. does the compensating model make. how much does it cut down the muzzle flip?has anyone shot both models side by side and compared?
im looking at getting a 17C.thanx Bently
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 3:56:01 PM EST
NO! Stay away from the comp. Unless all you want to see is sparks, might as well forget the night sights or a flashlight because when you fire that thing everyone will know where you are should you find yourself having to fight off an attacker in the middle of the night. In all seriousness there is not much recoil at all with a 9mm, it does work but honestly the amount of flash and sparks are not worth it. I own the .40 Glock 22 and due to the low bore axis it is probably the quickest shooting .40 I have ever shot.
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 6:15:12 PM EST
thanx for the reply. do you see the flash even in the daytime?i have a couple pistols for defense i just want something i can put thousands of rounds through and have fun doing it.i owned a .40 glock compact a long time ago and it didnt have much recoil but it seemed to have alot of muzzle flip. if the comp. model would stop that id be happy.thanx again.Bently
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 6:51:48 PM EST
I found my friends glock 17c to be very uncomfortble. It actually made my teeth chatter and I could feel the sparks brush against my face. Yes, this was during the day time at a local gun range. My buddy ended up buying a non-compensated barrel for his glock 17c soon after shooting my glock 22. He didnt want to buy a whole new gun so now he has both barrels, again I really dont think the muzzle rise is really worth worrying about on a 9mm. I strongly recommend that you go to a range that has a Compensated glock that you could rent.
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 7:18:11 PM EST

Msokol13, Thanx im convinced i think ill stick w/the normal model 17.maybe the reason i didnt like the last glock i had was because i was very inexperienced w/handguns and it was the compact model. thanx again.Bently
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 9:27:50 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/9/2004 9:53:00 PM EST by eno45]
I have two Glock 23's. Like em alot. A Co-worker picked up the Glock 23c. We were able to hit up the range one day together and I used the same plinker 180gr Win ammo in both guns and I noticed a good difference in recoil. I was skepical to see how much it would really help and it did help a great deal. If you were carrying this gun, then of course hell no , no compensated anything due to muzzle flash like if in a dark area or if you had to fire from the waist. But you already know that. For what you said you are using it for, I would without a doubt get a 17c as a plinker range gun. As far as teeth chatter, I was only using ear plugs and I didn't even notice any noise difference or disturbance in my fun between the two except the C model didn't have as much flip. Also I didn't fire it close to my body so I didn't get any sparks in my face, I didn't even notice any sparks except when I would watch the gun being fired by my co-worker friend. I like 40s&w but for a range plinker get the 9mm in the C model, get a 3.5 trigger,stainless guide rod, 19# spring and replace the sites and you got your self a quality plinker. My 2cents.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 12:03:46 PM EST
hmm, a new perspective? so eno you did notice a difference in muzzle rise? thats what i was thinkin.it sounds like im going to have to shoot both side by side. thanx Bently
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 6:23:56 PM EST
I have had a 20C and now have a 20, but it had nothing to do with the comp. I have shot both in the dark and there is not a dang thing wrong with the compensated gun. The only people I hear crying about comp glocks are IDontPracticeAnymore guys. The only bad thing about the C is if you decide to shoot IPSC or Steel challenge it puts you in open class. Glock makes a fine product and a lot of people depend on their glocks as a matter of life or death. They are not going to market a product that puts the shooter at in ancreased risk for his/her life. As far as factory glock night sigths go, you can keep them. All three dots are the same size and color making it impossible to aim quickly. In a life threatening situation or even in competition shooting in a dark area, I am going to shoot instinct. Chances are one of two possibilities are happening in that situation. 1 I am either close enough that instinct is sufficient or 2 I am spraying supressive fire while I run in the other direction. If you find the right deal on your C or just have a problem with recoil, then go with it. If you want it don't let anyone talk you out of it with some b.s. excusse that it will blind you or gas hits your face. Shoot what ever you find comfortable and shoot it a lot. I could go on and on about this, but I'll step down off my soap box now.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 7:39:04 PM EST
I noticed less muzzle rise. Like I was saying, I didn't expect to see much of a difference but it was noticeable and if I was getting a target gun I would not hesitate to buy a Glock 17c model. There is a difference and I am no professional that can feel all the slightest advantages of small upgrades. Fact is I don't shoot enough to really fine tune all my guns with little add on parts BUT I do know there was a good difference with less muzzle rise when I shot the same ammo out of the same Glock 23 but in a C version. And yes I shot 10rds of 180gr in my standard Glock 23, then right afterwards(60secs or less) I shot another 10rds of the same ammo through the C model of the Glock 23. Yep,Yes uh huh, I felt a good difference.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 7:59:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/9/2004 8:10:17 PM EST by Msokol13]
I shoot often, perhaps twice a weak. So you can rule out not being experienced in my case. Also, I find it hard to believe that you do not see a flash when firing the pistol. My only conclusion would be that you are closing your eyes when you fire the weapon. Also, a little bit of info I found out about steel guide rods. I called GLOCK and talked to a man in Customer service, I asked him if it was a good Idea to replace the factory plastic guide rod and If i did would there be any noticable difference worth paying the extra money. I was told that the reason they use the plastic guide rods was because the rod will actually flex when the slide is making its journey to the rear, that being said the steel guide tube would put pressure on the frame area right below the guide rod causing a noticable indentation. If that doesnt bother you than go ahead and waste your money on the steel guide rod. Or at least that was what he implied, again I dont know for sure about this but this is what I was told and until I start having problems with my guide rod (over 5k rounds fired) I will then replace it. If you want a straight answer here it is.....how many people own the comped version...not many....end of discussion. Shoot them both and get back to us with your findings. Everyone is different.....Obviously
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 9:36:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/9/2004 9:47:32 PM EST by eno45]
It doesn't suprise me Glock would not recommend a 3rd party part for there firearms. Who would? I have seen some people stating there rods breaking over time but that is not reason I am replacing mine. I am sure that guide rod would last a very long time as it is lasting in your firearm. The reason I am replacing the guide rod is due to the replacement of the recoil spring. I am upping the # weight on it since the 40cal has a light spring in it which I believe is the same one the 9mm uses. If I get that .357sig barrel the heavier spring would just help that much more. I also have a very trusted source who recommended the heavier spring back when I got it in 2001. He has plenty of experience and has had noticeable wear on Glock 40cals with the stock spring. I haven't been to worried about it since it has been 3 years and finally I am replacing the spring but hopefully the tighter spring will help with some felt recoil even though it isn't bad. I am not concerning myself with the little bit of money I am spending on the replacment parts.

As far the flash from the port holes , like i said, I didn't notice any flash while firing the gun. If there was a flash I didn't get distracted by it. I did notice the flash when I was observing the firing of the G23c from the next stall over, but even then I had to focus hard to see it and it was a sunny day under a shaded platform.

All I was stating was my own experience. Hope you aren't getting offended buddy.
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 10:46:42 PM EST
The Glock comps are very effective, I reccomend them, when you turn on your 6V light, you won't be bothered by a little flash. If you don't use lights and do shoot in the dark, your better off with low flash ammo and a non comped gun.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 3:37:15 AM EST
I shoot several times a week and do not close my eyes. Depending on the load of ammo you use flash will vary greatly. Lots of a slow powder will create a lot of flash. Even with that flash in a high stress situation it is un-noticable. For example, I shoot bowling pins with a.44 desert eagle. My pin load is a Rem 240gr JHP, 23.5gr H-110, CCI Magnum primer. This load is over book max and creates a fire ball about 2 feet in dia. It doesn't even slow me down. Granted I haven't fired that load at night, but in daylight competition is enough to overcome a flash. I don't remeber who in this thread said it, but try it report back to us what you think.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 6:00:45 AM EST
wow did i stir up a hornets nest? thanx for all the responses.im not real experianced w/handguns so i just figured by getting a 9mm i could by ammo in bulk cheaply and shoot till i got good.i now have a concealed carry permit and i want to get as good as i can with a handgun.i chose glock because i know i can put thousands of rounds through it and not have any problems. and if the comp., model cuts down on the muzzle rise that would help with rapid fire . i just didnt want to spend the money if it didnt do anything.thanx again Bently
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 6:21:45 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2004 6:22:41 AM EST by Msokol13]
Sorry to act like a dick towards anyone(ENO45) in this thread. No hard feelings, I love you all!
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 8:09:44 AM EST
Why not just get a longer aftermarket barrel which is either ported, or has a muzzle brake on the end?

That way you don't have to screw up a perfectly good slide?
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 4:12:49 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/10/2004 4:15:02 PM EST by teamroper2004]
I have a Glock 23C & 32C, I've shot them both at night, one has a Surefire X200A weapon mounted light, the other I was using a Surefire C3 hand-held light, I noticed NO, I said NO muzzle-flash or huge fireballs, and I'm talking several hundred rds! I was able to provide quick follow-up shots without any trouble. As far as firing from retention, maybe I'll get burned someday, or maybe I won't, but that will be my problem. You can make faster follow-up shots with the C models, that's a fact. If somebody doesn't want one, or doesn't see the need for one, or is just scared to have one, then by all means don't get one! But for those of us who have them and like them, what's the big deal?

Just to make everybody happy, buy a "C" model and a extra non-comped barrel and decide what you like best!

Have a nice day!

Link Posted: 5/11/2004 11:49:45 AM EST
teamroper2004, thanx for the reply im going to buy the comp model since im not shooting at night anyway. im just going to be shooting at my local range as much as possible. i want to get as good as i can at shooting a handgun so im going to practice practice and then practice some more. thanx for all the help everyone Bently
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