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Posted: 5/22/2005 11:36:19 AM EDT
I thkink the baretta is butt ugly but I wanted to ask anyone how does it shoot? I just don't get the chopped slide with exposed barrel. I want to be informed so fill me in. Khar, well I don't even know anyone with this firearm. I have read some good reveiws but nothing in personal experience.
If you've owned either give me the pro/cons of both.
Link Posted: 5/22/2005 11:58:35 AM EDT
It is hard to compare two such different animals. I can not say much about the Khar other than most people I have met that have them like them especialy the ones with a metal fram. The Berettas are fantastic pistols and mine have been smooth, reliable and accurate. I personaly prefer the couger to the 92 but I still love my 92. The only complaints I have about the 92 I have are that I think the double action pull is two stiff but the single is great and I do not like the fron sight being part of the slide instead of being dovetailed. You can fix the stiff double trigger and buy a model with the dovetail front sight also. Parts for the 92 are every where and mags are also. I have had the .45 couger (Great Pistol) and I curently have a stainless .40 couger and it does not recoil as sharp as most .40s. For a carry gun I would go with the Couger because I am just not a micro pistol guy so I am honestly biased. If I just wanted a gun in 9mm for the range or camping or whatever and concealment is not a big issue I would go with a 92 with a dovetailed sight. Kahr is going to be smaller than both of them if that is your main concern. The Vertec also has a lot of fans and would be woth looking at. If I purchased a new one I might even go that route. I have not shot the Vertec but holding them and the Couger I still think I would rather have my Couger and I think it is more comfortable. Just my opinion though.
Link Posted: 5/22/2005 2:03:02 PM EDT
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