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12/6/2019 7:27:02 PM
Posted: 2/27/2011 11:10:02 AM EST
A buddy of mine got a Charter Bulldog from his pop. Anyone have any .44 special self defense loads to recommend? Or where to find it? The 180 gr buffalo bore stuff seems interesting....
Link Posted: 2/27/2011 12:01:34 PM EST
Speer makes a Gold Dot which is designed for snubs. It's basically a 200 grain .429 caliber version of the 135 grain .38 special load.
Link Posted: 3/2/2011 1:11:43 AM EST
For decades carried the Winchester 200 gr STHP or Federal 200 gr LHP. Haven't bought any new ammo in the last 10 yrs for it however ('cause I'm never home). My .44s were either a CA 3" Bulldog or 6.5" Smith 29-2.

Link Posted: 3/7/2011 7:03:46 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/10/2011 1:47:38 AM EST by pita45]
Strange you should ask. Was shopping for myself.
Right now , when I carry my BullDog, I have Cowboy Action Ammo.
It is 240grs flat noise lead. I like a heavy bullet. Moving under 900fps
Now for what I found at BVAC
Check out their 240gr HP. Click the ballistices chart.
Speed is great for the BullDog at 810fps. It does drop a bit at 50yds.
If you look into this round, call BVAC or e-mail them.
I think you will fine out that he took a hog with this with a BullDog.
I'm not sure if it was a pug or and older three inch. You might ask?
This is my hot weather firearm. Been carry it for years. It show it.
Also tell your freind to check out TUFF
Do not be fooled into buying the 5rd strip.
With two 6 rds strips plus in the gun you have 17rds.
The Quickstrips pouch holds two stripper and they say you
can hide two more rds in the bottom. Now that makes 19 rds.
Well hope this help out your freind. Let us know how he like that Dog!


Edited: This is mine:

Link Posted: 3/8/2011 8:15:37 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/13/2011 11:28:37 AM EST

Thats what I carried when I had a .44Sec revolver.

Should offer .40S&W like performance.
Link Posted: 3/16/2011 1:56:20 AM EST
I have seen one at my local gun shop...how do you like it as a CCW?
Link Posted: 3/16/2011 1:41:09 PM EST

Originally Posted By ms329:
I have seen one at my local gun shop...how do you like it as a CCW?

I've had one for a while now, the best thing about them is how light they are, empty it only weighs a few ounces more than my J frame Bodyguard yet is 44 Special instead of 38 Special.

The bad thing about them is they're a 5 shot revolver and Jerry Miculek I'm not.
Link Posted: 3/16/2011 5:57:47 PM EST
My problem is my bulldog weighs about the same as my Kimber (25 oz) and the Kimber is flatter, holds 2 more rounds, and being a 1911 has a better trigger.

But it is an easy carry. The bulldog will fit in a J-frame holster, but you need one for a 2.5 or 3" barrel.
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