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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/9/2006 9:54:00 PM EST
I like the numbers on the 155 grn load the best, 1200 fps, 496 ft lbs. Ammoman has the 165grn on sale pretty cheap (factory seconds), its 1150 fps and 485 ft lbs. I need to get a .40 barrel for my P229, and might as well have some 'social' ammo for it as well as the cheap wwb for practice. Being as I bought it in .357, I obviously dig fast bullets. Which of the two will be closer to POI of the .357sig at 10-15 yds, or will I even notice the difference? Thanks!
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 9:58:32 PM EST
The closer the round is to the .357 in velocity, the closer the POI will be from an elevation standpoint.

But I like the 165 grain gold dots.
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 11:51:14 AM EST
i carry 180gr.
Link Posted: 2/12/2006 11:30:51 AM EST
this falls into the 'try it and find out' catagory.. they're both very good cartridges.
just make sure the 165gr. loading isn't the low velocity version!!!
Link Posted: 2/13/2006 5:28:56 AM EST
180gr here. A little extra mass won't hurt (me of course, the other guy might have a problem).
Link Posted: 2/13/2006 6:15:02 AM EST
180 gr.
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 6:52:21 AM EST
155 grain
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 7:00:48 AM EST
165 Gr.
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 8:20:35 AM EST
155gr Gold dot in Black Hills Red Box.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 4:41:42 PM EST
165gr GDHP is what we carry at work. I also carry this ammo in my G23 I use for CCW.
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 11:23:25 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 11:24:45 AM EST
180's in my 10mm
Link Posted: 2/23/2006 11:42:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/24/2006 5:01:18 AM EST
Whichever one you shoot the best.
Link Posted: 2/24/2006 7:07:23 PM EST
Got some 165's 'cause it was all they had. Mean Mean looking bullet. The other day when I was shooting 165 WWB at 30 ft the sights were definetly close enough for self defense work (its a .357 gun). Now that I've got some 'social' ammo for the P229, the P228 is going in for a 15yr makeover.
Link Posted: 2/24/2006 7:12:36 PM EST
180 Black Hills red
Link Posted: 2/24/2006 7:19:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/24/2006 7:20:25 PM EST by V-Rod]
I like the 180 gold dots

but I use Winchester 175 Silvertips for my 10mm. I'm currently working on load development using this component..
Link Posted: 2/24/2006 7:40:01 PM EST
I like my Winchester Ranger 180 gr. but I think the cavity in the 155s I have are actually

a great deal larger.
Link Posted: 3/4/2006 8:12:52 AM EST
I carry the 155's. I think they have something like 11.5" of penetration in gel. A little less penatration is a good thing to me. I DO NOT want my rounds to exit the BG. Too much liability IMO. Plus the larger cavity seems like it would open more reliably.
Link Posted: 3/5/2006 1:25:04 PM EST
P229 likes the 180 over the 155! XTP even better But this is all handloads
Link Posted: 3/6/2006 2:52:27 AM EST
When it comes to shooting my .40's, I generally stick to using 180 grainers regardless of brand. In my experience, they tend to have the least amount of recoil, the most amount of accuracy and the easiest to find whenever I need to go shopping for more. As far as terminal performance is concerned, I doubt there's a nickels worth of difference between any of the top loads so, as long as I do my part, the ammo should be able to do its part. As far as .40's go, practically all loads from 155 grains on up to 200 grains should be more than adequate for any (close range) social work that may need to be done in any, well made, average sized, defensive handgun.
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