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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/22/2002 3:38:03 PM EST
I went out and shot the full-size HK .45 again...I really love this gun. Now, it's up to getting which .45. The dealer has a nib stainless for $850, which includes him putting the tritium sights on.

He has a used full-size .45, blued which is immaculate condition. $600 w/ the tritium sights.

And of course the compact blued .45...which I'm not crazy about the muzzle flip. But, would like to carry since I have CCW permit.

Soooo, can anyone sway me to one side or the other?? I have'nt shot any of the Sigs..he has those also...any Sig .45 that I should try before I go HK??

Thanks guys...your opinions and information are extremely respected by me,
Link Posted: 8/22/2002 4:34:58 PM EST
As far as .45s go, I really like the Sig P220, Glock Model 21 and Kimber Custom Target, but, that's my taste. Given the three HKs, I'd have to go with the blued one for $600.00. Especially if it's in immaculate condition and is equipped with the tritium sights. Sounds like a steal.

My carry handguns include a Smith and Wesson 6906 and Glock Model 19. Love those hi-capacities! As much as I love the .45 ACP, I've never carried a variation for concealed purposes.

Good Luck,

Link Posted: 8/22/2002 4:46:11 PM EST
Before you stop looking, shoot a S&W 625 and find out what the 45acp is really like.

45acp...Way too good to waste in a semi-automatic
Link Posted: 8/22/2002 5:19:53 PM EST
I know what you mean...I've had a S&W .357 and a Ruger .44 super six for years...love those guns!

When I made the jump to auto's, I started w/ a Beretta M9, Makorov, PA-63 and briefly a hi-point 9mm (Yuk!) anyway, I gave the M9 to my brother for his birthday. He loved shooting it more than I did. I'm now in love with that HK..all except after shooting few rounds, that grip puts it's "birthmark" on you. I will immediately get the Hogue condom to put on the .45. No doubt.

Have'nt tried the Sig 220...I do like the screw-in grips, I guess you can change them and put a Hogue type grip on?

Anyway, thanks for the input...I'm new to the auto handgun ownership. Love it so far. Nothin' like hi cap mags, huh?

There was a 9mm Sig that is a great CCW, I played with it for little while. It looks and FEELS great! But, I want try and carry the full-size .45. The compact seems like I have to trade off too much for the muzzle flip.

Decisions, decisions...it is always this tough?
Link Posted: 8/22/2002 5:20:17 PM EST
HK P7 M7 maybe??

I have a full sized USP, and they are excellent guns, but a little too big for CC. The Commander sized 1911 in .45 is excellent for it, the Compact HK .45 does NOT take the same mags as the full sized, so I would tend away from it if you are eventually going to get a full sized also.

I personally like the smaller guns for CC--My waist is big enough to conceal a SPAS-12 if necessary, but I like the P7 PSP I have, the SIG P228 and P229, among others. Some people are adamant about the .45, but I will carry anything as long as I can readily hit the target with it. I can shoot the smaller guns better in .40 or 9mm, and if I wanted a bigger gun, I'd go with a G-20 with 16 rds. of Norma or Silvertips.

Can't carry concealed in IL, but I had a CC license in VA before I moved.

Link Posted: 8/22/2002 5:34:37 PM EST
I am a big fan of SIG's. Try the SIG 239 in .357 sig. With the purchase of a second barrel you can also shoot .40 S&W. If you want hi-cap go with the p229. HK are great, but hi-cap mags are real expensive. All SIG's have the same operating system so learn one and you are close to learning them all. I would stay away from the SIG-pro, I don't know what they were thinking there.
Link Posted: 8/22/2002 8:36:47 PM EST
Yikes, CCW with a .45 in Florida. I think you would violate the first "C" in CCW most of the time!

I found that I could get by with only the smallest of pistols here in California but nearly anything short of a howitzer in Washington state. I don't like the fanny pack as it screams concealed weapon.

You really need to shoot the SIG against the HK as the scratch required for entry into either isn't cheap and you'll aways wonder about the other if you don't try both. Reminds me about twin sisters I once dated ...
Link Posted: 8/23/2002 3:02:08 AM EST
Well, even though I love the 45acp revolvers, my daily carry is usually the SiG 230 in 380. Despite what you'll here in the Great Caliber Wars it is a nice package and a great defensive pistol. As to concealing a full sized pistol, I've carried my SiG 226 (same size as the 220 but double stack 9mm instead of single stack 45acp), here in sout Georgia and it can be done. try shooting the SiG 220 and 245 and I think you'll like both of them.

If you're going to consider 9mm then you need to shoot a HiPower and the STAR UltraStar. The HiPower is perhaps the most pointable 9mm that has ever been built and the STAR UltraStar may well be the best compact 9mm of all time.
Link Posted: 8/23/2002 8:35:11 AM EST
HK or Sig? They are both great guns and IMHO can't see a reason to pick one over the other except comfort and personal preference. I would definately try out the Sig 220 before deciding. I like the Sig triggers a little more than the HK triggers, though this has never stopped me from getting an HK.
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