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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/8/2002 10:28:39 AM EST
After looking at them for over a year finally broke down and bought one of the Walther P-1's that have been coming in country. Initial report: Bought one of the "unissued" ones and it is in very good shape. Some minor handling marks, especially on the grips, but the gun appears all but unfired. No wear on slide rails or feed ramp. Finish is convential gloss anodizing on the frame while the steel parts are a matt black that feels like parkerizing. Don't know what it is exactly.

This gun was built in July of 77 or so the stamp on the slide indicates. Serial number in the 400,000 range. In the box was a West German Army inspection/test form from June of 92. Some guy named M. Backes fired 3 (?) rounds thru it and put it back in the box. Holster is typical WG flap style, some of the stiching was a bit weak but some epoxy cured that. Date on the back of it was 9/67. Don't know if that's the date it was built or the design date. Both mags have very faint electro pencil numbers, neither of which match the gun.

Haven't fired it yet. Both double and single action trigger pull can be described as heavy. Hopfully some use and a bit of molly slide will ease things up. All told $320 out the door, gun was on sale.

Link Posted: 10/8/2002 11:59:08 AM EST
Keep us posted on it. The P-38 or P-1 sure does attract attention at the range.
Link Posted: 10/10/2002 4:21:09 AM EST
I also purchased a P-1 last month. Dealer got through Lew Horton. My Cost $279. All matching s/n's. Is in perfect condition except for dings on the Commercial type grips. Bought WWII reprodution grips through VINTANGEGRIPS.COM, which look great. You can get alot of info on the pistol at P38FORUM.COM. I think it is a great shooter.
Good Luck,
Link Posted: 10/10/2002 4:41:35 AM EST
Range report. Took it out last night and ran 100 rounds thru it. No malfunctions. Accuracy on par with most of my other stuff. Had one 4 shot group at 50 feet (off sandbags) that went about an inch and a half. Fifth one was a flyer, my fault.

Trigger well need some attention. WIll start with moly slide and go from there. Recoil is a bit sharper than my other nines but not unpleasant. Gun tends to shot low but the stiff trigger could have something to do with that.

All in all, pleased with it.

Link Posted: 12/17/2002 7:53:40 AM EST
The following is what I wrote on my newly purchased P1:

I went by my FFL guy and picked up my new used
Walther P1 last night. The pistol ran me $235 with freight, tax, and a $8 transfer fee. The package included a pistol, police holster in good shape (I will clean it up), and two magazines. One magazine is in very good shape
and the other is in good condition.

The pistol was advertised as very good and that is true. The outside shows nicks and holster wear. The inside appears to be excellent. The grips are not in very good shape, the lanyard ring is missing but the grips are useable as is. The trigger pull is very good in both single
and double action.

I called Dick Williams and he says he can clean it up, reblue the slide, and use a coating on the aluminum frame. I have already checked and Nill makes grips for it. Trendy but it needs them unless one of our posters has a better and cheaper source for grips.

I plan on shooting the P1 this week and I will do a range report. Does anyone know if P1s feed hollow points?

The P1 passed its test with flying colors. It ate Winchester 115gr FMJ TARGET/RANGE, Winchester 115gr Sivertips, and Federal Premium 124gr +P flat noses without a bobble. It was too cold to shoot for accuracy but the pistol is good enough for personal protection as is
in the cold. This pistol is certainly worth the $235 that I gave for it.


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