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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/20/2002 3:24:39 PM EST
Anybody have any reports on one of these yet? Sure is an attractive piece. If it were only .44 Sp or even .45 Colt I'd buy one in a heartbeat. As it is though the .41 Mag is one I don't load for or have abundant stocks of components on-hand for. And I really don't need to get into another caliber..... Someone please tell me how terrible it is. Quick!

Link Posted: 2/21/2002 1:55:48 AM EST
I went through the .41 Magnum phase a while back with a couple of S&W 57 and 657 models and maybe a Blackhawk. The Smiths included the 8 3/8 a 6 incher and a special run of the 3 inch round butt (maybe it was a 2 1/2), which was a handful. I always liked the .41 in that the cylinder and barrel had more meat on the Smiths and could be loaded warm too. That Taurus is quite light and never firing one, imagine it to be a wrist twister. I should hang out at the range longer in case someone comes in with one I could try out. Looks like the cylinder would be too thin in a larger caliber but the .41 fits neatly into that package. Even if you dont reload the .41, maybe save the brass until its worth your while to do so?
Link Posted: 2/21/2002 12:42:34 PM EST
I went through a Smith 57 and 58, then a Ruger Blackhawk too back when the .41 Mag first came out. Since every weapon available then was also available in .44 Mag, and I was heavily into that round, I traded the .41s. Now that some smaller framed .41s are on the market, I'm tempted again.

The one I fondled at a show did not have a lot of metal left at the thin point of the cylinder chamber wall, but neither did the cylinder really fill the frame opening. Maybe I'll write Taurus and beg for a .44 SP??

Roger on the lightweight and wrist twisting. I wouldn't expect to use it much with factory loads no matter what caliber it's in. I'd be interested in heavier bullets at a bit lower velocities. Compared to anything else in its size/weight class though, it looks pretty attractive.

Thanks for the response Gene,

Link Posted: 2/22/2002 3:35:39 AM EST
I've been kicking around this very same idea of buying one of these. I really enjoy reloading the .41 Mag. It's an easy round to work with, and it's potential in handloads, both for lower recoil or more horsepower, is great. I was also wanting something smaller than the S&W 57. Wish they made an "L" frame in .41 Mag.

The only thing that really worries me is the recoil in that size a gun. Even with the ported barrel and the neato grips, it's gotta kick bad. Not as big a deal to me, as I reload, but still a consideration.

I think Taurus does make one in .45 Colt (another all-time favorite of mine).

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