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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/18/2005 5:19:26 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/18/2005 5:21:30 PM EST by TBoneDetroit]
Okay, I just had to do it. I bought the "cute" little 1911, a loaded LW Springfield Micro Comact. Now have 500 rounds through it. One FTF the first time out, I wrote off to break in. Next time out, it was flawless in 200 rounds. Yestersay, I put another 150 rounds down range. A total of 6 (I think, might have been 5) of the exact type FTF. Okay, first one of the day was with Ranger HP's (as before), so I figured the nose got caught on the ramp. Then I moved to the WWB FMJ's and had another. Okay, maybe it's the funky 7 round Kimber mag (I have two, one had been flawless, the other has been difficult to load past 3 rounds a few times, I think the spring is binding).

Nope, got another with the other Kimber mag. Then, one with the Wilson. And another! I think I've established it's not the mags or the ammo.

When it malfunctions, it's been exactly the same every time. I can move the slide barely rearweard and release, and it slides right on in. My grip is fine (not limp wristing) so I suspect one of two culprits (there may be others I am not considering?).

1. The feed ramp (very steep) maybe this needs a bit of pollishing? Throating the barrell?

2. The odd little recopil system (two springs captured on a rod). Maybe I need stiffer springs? Is there anything available for these little (3 inch) barrelled gun's recoil systems?

Now, do I find a go find a local smith (we do have a really good one) or do I send it back to Springfield (also shoots well below POA, which I'd like to correct some) for repair?

Hey, I've still got my 3 Glocks! Thing is, I missed the old 1911 (carried a Commander for many years). I plan to buy another or two (full size) but I'd still like to get this little puppy reliable.

What say you oh guru's of the church of JMB?

T Bone (Detroit).
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 10:48:36 AM EST
BTT.... no suggestions? Opinions??


T Bone (Detroit).
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 11:10:01 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 12:13:39 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/19/2005 12:15:16 PM EST by TBoneDetroit]
Okay, thanks. First on the list already was the Wilson bullet proof extractor (just ordered). I'd imagine some of the other MIM parts will disappear over the next year or so as well, but I won't be shooting this one alot once I get a full size. I just want to be able to put 500 rounds through it without a malfunction, gaining confidence it will be reliable enough to carry (500 rounds is generally my benchmark for trusting a weapon).

Thanks again.
T Bone (Detroit).
Link Posted: 12/19/2005 6:51:06 PM EST
I've got a LW Micro as well and had to take a miniscule amount off the frame where it meets the bottom of the feed ramp. I really didn't even take any material off the frame, just smoothed it out a little with a file and then used 2000grit car polish & a dremel to polish the 'dog' out of the ramp.

The symptoms to the problem I was having didn't show itself during firing, just when the slide was back & I'd hit the slide release. The tip of the round would get caught on the rough spot on the frame where the frame & feed ramp met.

After the above mentioned work which took maybe a half dozen passes with a fine file, everything feeds great now! With the ramp dry & free of oil, it is so smooth it feels like it's teflon coated :) I also used a torpedo polishing wheel and ran it into the chamber for a couple passes.

BTW, I had a few initial feed problems with the first ~25rds using the SA 6rd mags, but they went away. I carry with the 7rd Wilson mags.

Also, I just replaced the entire ILS system on mine, as I've been shooting IDPA with my 3" Micro, and lately, I've been getting an occasional light primer strike. I completely replaced the ILS mainspring housing and purchased a standard officers size mainspring (23lbs), an officers size mainspring housing, mainspring cap, mainspring retainer pin, Wolff XP firing pin spring, Ed Brown Springfield sized .38/9mm firing pin (special sized pin for the .45ACP Springfield’s).

This gun runs like a top since replacing the above parts with the standard officer parts. The firing pin strikes are extremely solid & well worth the ~$35 in parts.

Let me know if you’re interested in replacing the above parts & I'll post links to each part at Brownell’s.

Also, Brownell's only sells a 20lbs reduced power officers mainspring, the only way to get the 23lbs mainspring from Brownell's is to order the Ed Brown 1911 Officer's Rebuild Kit which includes all the guts to the mainspring housing, as well as replacement pins & springs for the 1911.
Link Posted: 12/20/2005 1:38:26 PM EST
Thanks for the reply TX, I read your post on replacing the parts a short while back. Found it encouraging that reliability is doable with this. I may try to go a bit less all out, as this will essentially be a back up gun. Reliability will be the prime objecticve. I've already considered polishing where you did, and will soon (it is hanging in essentially the same spot you describe, and pulling the slide a mere 1/8 inch rearward and releasing has worked every time). Gotta dig out the dremel. The Wilson extractor will probably be here in a few days.

Full size SA will probably be mine in 2-3 weeks, with a Wilson Combat in early/mid '06. Guess I've got the fever Sure wish I'd never sold the Colt.....

T Bone (Detroit).
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