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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/24/2006 5:27:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/2/2006 4:41:48 PM EST by hobbs5624]
I don't know why Springfield stopped making the Compact, but I really like the idea of a 4" barrel over a smaller Officer's sized frame. I got one a while back from a friend and did a little work on it. It sure would make a nice carry piece. Just a little more work and a reblue, and it will be good to go.

Link Posted: 2/25/2006 5:00:15 AM EST
John, very nice work. I look forward to seeing it when the bluing is complete. Someday soon I hope. Charles.
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 5:25:43 AM EST
is that Novak's new extreme duty adjustable sight on the rear? and very nice work as usual
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 5:26:18 AM EST
Thanks Charles. My friend up here at Weapon Works does his bluing in batches. I've been waiting 3 weeks to do it while he builds up enough work to justify running the tanks. Hopefully it gets blued on Tuesday.

This gun is a neat little item, but I unfortunately have no use for it, and I will be sorry to see it go. At least it's going back to the guy I bought it from. He asked if I would checker it. I told him I really coudn't right now. However, I had a spare hour yesterday with nothing to do, and I got it done real quick. I would have liked to high cut the front strap and point it up the diamonds further, but this was a rush job freebie for a friend. I have to admit, it's not the type of checkering I would normally do.

I think when the day comes that I retire from my job, I'll be building a nice little Caspian with a small frame and a Commander slide. I always liked those. Now I just have to finish another friend's gun (FROST18E). I can't wait until that's done, it's turning out so well. I wish I could keep it, but I'll just have to do the same to my next project gun.

By the way, do you own a digital camera? I, along with a bunch of people from the other site, were very impressed with that Kimber you did. I would love to see more of your work posted.
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 5:28:45 AM EST

Originally Posted By ipsilateral_7:
is that Novak's new extreme duty adjustable sight on the rear? and very nice work as usual

Thanks, and yes, it's the Novak Extreme Duty. Though I don't like the sharp corners, that would be easy enough to round off. Otherwise, I think it's a very well made and thought out sight. I still prefer Bo-Mars, but I ordered this sight for someone else, and ended up using it on this when he neglected to pay me. It retrofits to existing Novak dovetails with a simple 90 degree cut just forward of a standard Novak dovetail.
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 7:03:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 7:03:24 AM EST
John, my wife owns a digital camera. All of that 'electronic' black box stuff is really more than an old gunsmith can bear to think of. I think she and board member 'CGJ' will eventually get me into the 20th century. I believe am still stuck in the 19th with Smedley Butler and Dan Daly.
BTW I do 'slow' rust bluing, also from the 19th century....
Old Jarheads....
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 7:04:02 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 7:09:23 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/25/2006 7:09:37 AM EST by hobbs5624]
Thanks Steve. Charles, I have a bottle of Pilkington's laying around that I'll never use. I'll be in Tucson sonner or later if you want a free bottle.
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 7:14:49 AM EST
Sounds good to me. First round is on me. Charles.
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 7:08:22 PM EST
Nice work has usual Hobbs! I really like the Compact or CCO combination. I've got one of the Colt CCO's for a carry gun, box stock and it is a great shooter. I really wish Springfield would bring the Compact back as it would probably fall into the $750 Loaded price range, which would be perfect.

If we could only convince somebody to make a CCO in 10mm with good mags...
Link Posted: 2/25/2006 8:22:37 PM EST
i just sent my colt compact off for re-blueing.

i will post pix when it returns.

you have a very nice pistol.

Link Posted: 2/26/2006 12:43:47 AM EST
I too like that combination.
Link Posted: 2/26/2006 5:12:46 AM EST
I have to agree on your feelings about the compact. I would buy one in a heartbeat if it were available.

Very nice job on it btw.
Link Posted: 2/26/2006 8:50:49 AM EST
I believe Springfield still offers the Compact, but only as a custom shop order.
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 4:44:37 PM EST
I thought I would share some more pics. Unfortunately my camera sucks, I suck at photography, it's a little dirty, and it's very dark. It was just blued today, courtesy of The Weapon Works Gunsmithing:

Link Posted: 3/2/2006 6:16:33 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/2/2006 6:35:31 PM EST by JCG4]
I'm not in to compacts that much, but damn...very nice work. It's cool to see that the classic style safety stayed. Bravo-Zulu Hobbs!
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 12:03:45 AM EST
I like it. Small, dark and shoots a big, fat bullet. Nice work John!!
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 2:48:08 AM EST
Great work and a nice gun, John. Charles.
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