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Posted: 4/14/2008 4:16:59 PM EDT
I have a nice .44 superblackhawk that has a lot of holster wear from hiking and hunting since I was a kid. I know ruger will re-blue it for a reasonable price ($50ish+ shipping), but would there be a better option for weather proofing the gun?

I spend a lot of time kayak camping in bear country and would like to have something done to it so I don't have to buy a stainless gun.


Link Posted: 4/14/2008 11:37:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/14/2008 11:41:40 PM EDT by Sheldon]
NP3 is done by ROBAR and it is supposed to be one of the best as far as corrosion proofing goes, but it will cost lot more than $50....probably closer to $300.  Blueing is at the bottom of the pile as far as protection goes.  I think parkerizing is a little better and then you move up to the chrome and nickle platings.  There are some paint on type finishes as well, some you can do yourself.  Not sure how complete you can do it yourself as far as the internals go but that maybe a cheap alternative.
Link Posted: 4/15/2008 12:25:18 PM EDT
Personally, I would have it hard chromed. You might take a look at Mahovsky's Metalife finish.
Link Posted: 4/16/2008 6:43:42 PM EDT
Well, just checked... price upped to 130+ shipping for a reblue from ruger. Makes the other options look better.
Link Posted: 4/17/2008 1:09:31 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/17/2008 1:11:48 AM EDT by Tirador223]
Another vote for NP3 from Robar.  I had a HK P7M8 done because I was scared to death it would rust with all the humidity and sweating that goes on in the summer.  Now I don't give it a second thought and wish i could afford to have other guns done the same way.  Makes the gun a lot slicker, also.  I would think it would be ideal for a real outdoors carry revolver.


Link Posted: 4/17/2008 6:08:52 AM EDT
Robar does solid work....
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