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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/17/2005 9:20:12 AM EDT
About a year ago my father in law's home was burglarized and in the process of rummaging through everything the scumbag came across the key to the gun safe and took all the guns inside (total of ten guns which my father in law had purchased over the course of some forty years). The piece of trash also took an entire drawer from the dresser which had a lot of personal information in it along with the piece of paper where he had written down all the serial numbers.

In the course of making his claim for everything which was stolen, he found out that his insurance policy had a $1,000 cap for firearms. He also was entitled to $1,000 through his NRA membership. But as you can imagine the $2,000 was not enough to replace ten guns, all of which were rifles or shotguns, many high dollar.

I'm currently having a pissing match with my insurance company over my truck being broken into. It was parked in front of my house when it happened and the insurance company is saying that they won't cover the items stolen which are related to my business, but if it had been in my driveway they would. This really pisses me off because I went back and tallied up the amount of money I've paid in premiums to this company and I could damn near go drive a new truck off the showroom floor if I had just been putting the money under my mattress.

But this is the same company I have my homeowners policy with and I'm now a little nervous. I've got more handguns alone than my father in law had in total guns. I'm wondering if anyone out there would like to share their experiences, good or bad, dealing with insurance companies and stolen firearms so the rest of us can be a little more informed.
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