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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/29/2006 2:57:35 PM EST
I came across a used PO 745 that is a very nice looking pistol.

It has a little rust discoloration on the top of the slide next to the injector, not really an issue for me.

I understand that it is a Light Double Action and am not sure if this is a good idea for me.

It is discounted and is priced within my price range. What would this gun sell for new and what would be a good price for a 90% new pistol.

The guy behind the counter said that it is not a popular model. Do people hate this model and it's LDA feature.

I am looking for a pistol for home defense, carry on the farm, keep in hotel room when travelling, and sometimes a CCW.
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 3:05:50 PM EST
i'm not an expert on para's by any means. i have held a LDA before and that thing is one of the heaviest 1911's i've ever put my hands around. i hear their extractors are one if not THE best in the industry, but i think the double action design is all but worthless really.

1911's have been serving us just find for 95 years off of the same design with few modifications, stick with a normal 1911 and leave the heavy steel for making buildings.

just my $.02

Link Posted: 3/29/2006 3:19:17 PM EST
I held the gun and the weight didn't bother me very much. It was one of the single stack models.

My main concern is the Light double Action set-up. Is it easy to use? is it accurate?

If you think about it is alot like shooting a Glock but you have the backstrap and thumb safety.
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 3:35:23 PM EST
I had two LDAs, (one stolen) and my buddy has one.

He has the 7.45 full size, I have an officer's size.

His has not had any problems, but in the 3+ years he's had his I would be surprised if he put more than 1,500 rounds downrange.

I had a P14 LDA bought in 2001. It did everything I asked of it and it never had a discernable hiccup, if any at all. I fed it over 15,000 rds, much of it being Wolf. It was stolen and I am very upset because (aside from the obvious reasons) I lost a hell of a good workhorse.

I bought a C7 in 2003 and It had to be replaced by Para twice for many reasons. The one I have is supposed to run fine, but after having it tweaked by Para, I have it on the shelf until someone makes me an offer.

The end result is as follows: I have heard horror stories by people regarding the LDA trigger, and what happened with theirs (or more likely, "what they heard happened to someone's who they know"). I have never had an trigger related problem on an LDA, and between the 4 I owned I have sent a good 20,000 rounds downrange without such a problem.

Para is an innovative company and their designs are sound IMO. Thier customer service used to be unparalleled, (my last 2 experiences have certainly been less than stellar) Thier QC however, is not acceptable in my opinion. To be frank, I think Kimber, SA, and Colt's QC isn't acceptable either. All of the companies make excellent examples of 1911s and all of them make complete POS (and some in between). For what they ask I feel the consumer is cheated. All of these companies to my knowledge will work with their customer and make things right, and ultimately the customer has a great gun, but this is bullshit IMO. The best of the best make mistakes, but if enough of the same ones keep popping up you have negligence. There is a reason why this myth that 1911s never run right out of the box has spread like wildfire over the years, and it ain't due to the design. One second... ok, I'm off.

People don't give Para's LDA the credit it deserves from MY ISOLATED perspective. The triggerpull is absolutely amazing. It's 4 pounds and smoother than any double action out there. Nevertheless, I am not satisfied with their line anymore... for good reason (IMO).


- the barrel is 4" or longer (Trust me, this is posted 1st for a reason)
- the discount is very tempting
- you want to take a chance on the pistol

Go for it.
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 3:57:02 PM EST
It is the full size model and I can walk out the door for $424.00.

From what you have said, it sounds like a small risk, but for the price I should be able to recover my money pretty easily if I change my mind.
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 4:03:09 PM EST
If it looks good aesthetically then it sounds mild risk indeed. You could probably find a buyer for $4-450 without straining yourself too much.Much better than my situation. Mine cost me almost $900 with the aftermarket improvements and with all the $40 shipping charges I had to pay for all those service calls for all 3 officers pistols, I have probably tied about $1,500 into the platform. It's FAR more cost effective that I let it sit in the safe and rust, based on the beating I'd take If I tried to sell it.
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 4:13:26 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/29/2006 4:15:09 PM EST by mic214]
My EDC is a C7 .45 LDA and I have carried it everyday for the past three years. It is the "Companion" single stack version with the 3-1/2" barrel. I am a big fan of the .45acp and, for me, you can't beat the feel of a single stack Colt style frame. My agency does not allow cocked and locked carry, so the Para was the only way to go for me. The only change I made was to go with Wilson mags instead of the factory mags which have had their share of problems. The trigger took a little getting used to at first.....very similar to a Glock, but with a thumb and grip safety. As with any firearm, it all comes down to training and being familiar with the gun.....I think a used one in good condition will be anywhere from $575.00 to $700.00+ depending on the model and condition.

Edited: For $424.00, I would jump on it in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!
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