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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/17/2005 6:58:50 PM EDT
My P32 locks back the slide after the magazine is empty, but I cant put another in and get it to release and chamber a round. I should be able to get the slide to release with a magazine in the gun, right?

As it is now, I have to release the slide first, put in a magazine, and then rack the slide.
Link Posted: 12/18/2005 8:47:29 AM EDT
My P32 locks back properly and takes a strong pull to release it. Are you sure you pulled it back all the way with the new mag seated all the way. That is the only thing I think could cause some type of interfearance.

Look on www.ktog.org for detailed questions and they have a detailed troubleshooting section.
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 2:12:06 PM EDT
Thanks for the reply. After shooting it some more, the slide will lock back then release itself when I remove the empty mag. This works better than before, but I still think it is malfunctioning.
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 4:50:58 PM EDT
The ones I've had lock back on the empty mag, drop it, put a fresh one in and pull the slide back to chamber a round. Your slide going forward before the fresh mag is in doesn't sound right.
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 7:38:02 PM EDT
Do you have another mag to try? Most of these issues are mag related and or mag spring releated!

Check out Ktog.org for more info...
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