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Posted: 5/20/2005 12:34:10 PM EST
I am considering buying one. How is the recoil?
Are they accurate considering the size.
The seem to be very CCW friendly. Nice & small.
Any regrets you may have? Thanks...KM
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 12:41:42 PM EST
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Link Posted: 5/20/2005 3:47:58 PM EST
the small 1911s have a reputation for being finicky about feeding/ejecting reliably. Some are awesome, some would make better paperweights than carry guns.
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 4:46:10 PM EST
Not a Springfield, sorry..but my Kimber UC II has been 100 % reliable. Approx 800 rounds thru it thus far.

A friends UC I has had similar reliability.

Reeeeally small 1911s can be reliable.
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 3:23:11 AM EST

Originally Posted By Colt45guy:
the small 1911s have a reputation for being finicky about feeding/ejecting reliably. Some are awesome, some would make better paperweights than carry guns.

does the small size create a "snappy" recoil causing a limp wrist effect?
I like this weapon for CCW but reliability (short barrel) concernes me.
Everbody I spoke with says the recoil is no different than a 4" barrel.
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 4:38:03 AM EST
I wish I was smart enough to have an answer for you. All I really know is that the lil bitty guns often have issues that their big brothers don't....Para P10 and SA V10 were my personal problem children. The way I understand it---well, the way I pretend to understand it---is that the small guns lack the necessary slide mass to absorb recoil, and therefore require a really stiff recoil spring.....which causes the gun to feel more 'flippy' under recoil, and also causes the slide to cycle forward much faster and more violently.

It's harder to tune the faster, shorter and more violent slide cycle to the rest of the gun. When you speed the cycle up, things like feed ramp angle, mag catch height, mag spring tension ect. become more critical. There's a lot of variables involved, and while I can usually make my own guns run, I'm definately not an engineer....not to pass the buck, but BillZ and Hobbs are the guys to ask for a detailed explanation as they know a helluvalot more than I do.

This doesn't mean that they can't be made to shoot reliably, and it doesn't mean that you can't buy a good one right out of the box.....but if you have problems, it sometimes takes more to make 'em right. IIRC, it's recommended that you change springs in the small guns much more often because of the battering they get when fired. (800 rds vs 1500 rds? Again, I'm not sure)

I carry an expensive, Gucci-type-designer 1911. (I'm not stating the maker to avoid the 'which manufacturer is better' arguments) Officer sized frame, Commander length slide. Since I carry IWB, I'm not concerned with trying to conceal the slide....it's the grip that prints, and the small Officer frame conceals well but still allows for a good grip. I'm not giving up too much slide mass, I get to keep a longer sight radius, and best of all, I keep the 100% reliability that I require from my carry guns.

You also might want to check out M1911.org
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 5:33:40 PM EST
the recoil is different from a fullsize. seems to kick into your hand instead of up. as accurate as shooter at close range. ive shot out 1/2 inch smiley face stickers at 25' with a single round. i put on a SA adjustable rear sight. which most do not prefer for carry, but i havent had it snag or anything like that.
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 7:06:03 PM EST
The Micro is capable of 3" groups @ 25 feet, easily. Recoil is different, although certainly not unpleasant by any means. The slide just kind of "snaps" to me, rather than the fluid motion of the 5" slide. BUt the added comfort & concealability the 3" barrel gives is the best feature of all.

The Micro comes with a ramped barrel, something not all baby 1911s have or have had in the years past. It allows for much smoother feeding & adds to the overall balance & feel of the gun when it's shot.

My Micro retired my H&K USP, no small feat in my book!
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 7:37:44 PM EST
ok, i don't have a micro, but mine is a 3.5" colt 1991a1.

i've got probably $14-1600 in the thing. steel frame. heavy as shit. marginal carry gun. sig p220 fullsize is lighter.

best fucking pistol i've ever owned. have shot deer with it 60-75 yards, they fall down boom. confident as hell with it. buckhorn grips. videcki trigger and a 1 lb. trigger job. novak sights. wilson thumb safety and ambi secondary safety and tuned by a decent gunsmith.

worth every penney. makes my dick hard. carry it everywhere. it's deadly. shoot the locks out of a door across the room on a bet every time. hard on the ears, but if i ever need it off the range, it's my go-to unit.

i've put a hell of a lot of $ in this one, and love it. big time.

used to go to bowling pin shoots with the stubby and shoot next to guys who had big-time custom guns and do just as good or better, take trophies, then come home with my stubby in my back pocket instead of some fucked-up custom case like a religious icon or something, clean it up, and stick it back under the front seat of the pickup, where it lives normally.

this string made me head out to the truck and get my baby and check her out. it was a bad-ass pistol 10 years ago, and still is now. age only makes a sweet gun better, in my mind.

custom guns aren't for everyone. the dickhead at the pawn shop will only give me $450 for it, but i've got nearly 3x that in it, and i'll never sell it. every part on it is replaceable, except the buckhorn grips, and that's strictly vanity. i wanna make sure that if i have to shoot your ass i'm gonna do it with a good-looking rod. i'm just that kinda guy.

if you do get one, be prepared to get it tuned to your liking. if it doesn't have a hair-trigger, get one. you won't regret it, and if it rusts, get it refinished.

party on garth.

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