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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/24/2002 5:15:43 AM EDT
Hi there does anyone know anything about this gun? I have no clue how good this thing is. I guess the questions I would like answered is:

How good is the cartridge( 9x18 I think ) in terms of stopping power, grain weight, velocity, etc.?

How inherently reliable is the gun?

How accurate is the gun?

How expensive is the gun usually?

I need a new pistol and I'm shopping for something neat and different.
Link Posted: 8/24/2002 5:40:49 AM EDT
The Mak is a well built semi-auto, the 9x18 is between a 9mm and a .380 power wise, it could put a hurt'in on ya, M.V. is around 1050 fps (I think ) Maks are usually very reliable, relaibilty can be enhanced even more by installing 10%stronger mag springs, and a stronger recoil spring,(19 or 21#) 21#if you plan on shooting Wolf ammo, it's hot,(consider changing the grips as well, the web of your hand will thank you for it) Springs can be had from Wolff springs, (www.gunsprings.com) cheaply,Out to about 25yds most Maks are very accurate,The one I have (a E.German) is very accurate, the supply of Maks is starting to dry up, expect to pay $150.00-200.00, There are some Bulgarian maks around, quality on these is pretty good, and the triggers usually improve with use, E.German maks are a little nicer finished and have a trigger that breaks like a glass rod, both are accurate, Go to www.gunboards.com and go to the mak board, those folks are always happy to help
Link Posted: 8/25/2002 11:15:00 PM EDT
The cartridge is in between a 9mm Luger and a .380. It's probably closer more towards the .380 in stopping power. It has more horsepower than a .380, but bullet selection is pretty poor compared to that round in loaded ammo. In reality, there probably isn't that much difference in the power of any cartridge in it's class.

The gun is a Soviet design. Like most things Soviet, it works and it works well. Reliability is very high in these guns. They are well known for reliability. Think of it as having simlar reliability to the AK.

I had one and it was accurate enough for service use. Mine had a basic stock serrvice trigger that was heavy and stunk. It shot good enough for defense, plenty good enough. If I had done a trigger job to it, it would have turned in better groups. The East German triggers are good as a whole. The sights are really pretty good for a small auto.

Under $200. The last wholsale price was $90 for Bulgarians. They went for about $125-135 in gunshops. East German ones hover around the $200 mark. No one has any right now as far as distributors go. Collector ones go for alot more. There are supposed to be a bunch on the way in, but who knows how long that will be. I'd say if you find one for around $150, then that's OK, more than that and you should think carfully. It's not that they don't deserve a hgiher price, they're a damn fine gun, it's just that anything East European doesn't cost much because of economics. If it were produced in the US, it would be a $350 gun.

Personally, I'm looking for a Makarov myself (actually I want two). I'm figuring on spending $150-200 each for them, but I know the different versions, and what exactly I want, and the condition I want it, and I'm more than patient. I should be able to beat that price no problem for what I want.

They are a well made pistol for little money. They have a steel frame, so they may be a bit heavy for some for carry, but recoil is stouter than a .380, so I like the steel frame personally. They are a very nice size too, not too big, not too small. They're a great gun. If you want one, get one.

Link Posted: 8/26/2002 4:52:48 AM EDT
My EG Mak is very good. The only possible drawback is that it's much heavier than my alloy SiG 230.

SOG still shows some of the Bulgarians in stock but they are often slow updating their web pages.
Link Posted: 8/27/2002 5:17:02 AM EDT
SOG has been out for a very long time. They just don't bother to update their info.
Link Posted: 8/27/2002 5:22:54 AM EDT
www.mararov.com is THE Mak site, lots of FAQ, pics, parts, holsters and accessories. A treasure of info. Also as Ralph mentioned, check out www.gunboards.com click on Message Boards, the scroll down to Makarov. If you do a search on a particular Mak aspect, there will be tons of info. Also, read the FAQ on the www.malarov.com site and the feel free to post any clarifying questions on the Gunboards Mak forum. They are very helpful there.


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