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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 2/15/2006 3:39:21 PM EST
I finally had a chance to get my new Caspian out to the range. It shoots VERY well. I am extremely happy with it except for one little detail. The mags do not drop free. There is just a bit of friction that is enough to keep it in place when the mag is empty. I removed the mag release, all the internals and the grip screws and it still does it. I even removed the grip screw bushings and again, it is grabbing somewhere and it does this with all my mags.

So, my idea to deal with this is to take some valve lapping compound and cover an old magazine and run it up and down in the frame. Is this advisable? Should I use something less coarse? Any other ideas?
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:43:52 PM EST
If it were me, I'd try to find the offending spot and stone it just a little. Use some Dykem or something on a magazine, then put it up in there and back out and see where it's rubbing. Then, just stone that part down a touch.

Of course, that's provided, it's not just rubbing everywhere up in there!

Great news on the Caspian, Cliffy!


Link Posted: 2/15/2006 5:23:50 PM EST
I know this was built by a pro, but have you checked the trigger bow? I had one that was bent just enough that mags would stick on the bow and not drop out. You took all the internals out including the trigger?

If that ain't it, I'd try finding the high spot and working that area only as kk7sm mentioned. The gun does look good, hope I can see it in person one of these days.

Link Posted: 2/15/2006 6:29:24 PM EST
Alright... damnedest thing... its fixed. I cleaned all the mags and reassembled the gun (the trigger bow was out when it was still catching BTW), and now, all but three mags are dropping free. There are still 2 10 round mags and one Wilson 47D that don't drop, but the rest suddenly do. The 8 rounder I ended up swapping out with another mag that was in my truck gun. The offending mag drops fine out of that Springer and the one that was in the Springer drops free from the Caspian.

I think it must have just been a burr or a thick spot in the finish. Its still tighter than the well worn Springer but at least I have plenty of mags that will drop free. All is well now. Thanks for the help.
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