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Posted: 1/6/2012 1:54:48 PM EDT
I had a series 70 Colt Government model about 20 years ago that I sold. Looking to get another one. Boy have changed things. Back then you had your choice of a Colt or a...well, Colt. There were a few others around but they were very expensive.

I was thinking about getting the Springfield "Loaded" model or the TRP. Went to my local gun shop today to look. Sales guy asked what I was looking for and I told him. He said a Springfield "loaded" isn't any different than the "standard" Springfield. You just get coupons in the box that allow you to get discount on certain things from Springfield. I questioned him on it but he said he was sure about because that's the way they get them. Umm...yeah, ok. Moving right along.

He did show me a couple of others he had. One was a Remington that I liked. It had a fiber optic front sight on it that I really liked. Good feel to it. He also had a Colt Government lightweight that I really liked. I believe it will be a choice between the lightweight Colt and one of the Springfields (Loaded or TRP).

First, was the sales guy right or is he misinformed? Second, what you recommend? I'm looking to spend maybe $1000. This will be a carry gun so I prefer a dark matte finish and fixed sights. I think I prefer the Novak sights. Prefer it didn't have an ambi safety but that's not a deal killer. Looking for good slide to frame fit, smooth crisp trigger, flat mainspring housing (backstrap). Of course, it has to be in .45 ACP.

Thanks for your help.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 2:06:00 PM EDT
Here's my .02, buy this one and call it a day!
Kimber Custom TLE II
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 2:32:19 PM EDT
The "Loaded" model Springfields is their "mid-range" production 1911. The Mil-Spec is now their bottom line entry model, and the TRP is top of the line.
All come with the "coupon" to get extra stuff at reduced prices.

The Loadeds, depending on the model vary in price from $800 to $1000. The TRPs are in the $1400 range. The TRP offers better fit-up (better accuracy) as well as some additonal features like checkered grips and a magwell. If you added those features to a Loaded, you'd spend more than the price of a TRP.

A major point with the Springfields is their "no questions asked" (essentially) warranty, which applies across their product line. I have several Springfields, from the bottom of the line to the top and they are all good values at their respective price points.

The Remington and Ruger also appear to be good values, but don't have any personal experience with either.

For best value, I'd look for a used TRP which should be available for around $1K. Springfield honors their warranty on used 1911s, although officially it applies only to the original owner.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 2:36:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/6/2012 2:38:13 PM EDT by Unk]
You need a different LGS,,your local guy was blowing smoke.

Here is my old Colt Combat Commander electro-less nickle and a MetroArms American Classic Commander - old and new school. Both shoot Win Ranger T 230 gr +P effectively. I gave the Commander to my son for Christmas 2011..a family heirloom now.

I'm waiting for a Ruger SR1911 if they ever make their way to West Central FL.

Find a 1911 you like and shoot it a lot..you'll enjoy it.

Do find a dealer that won't insult your intelligence.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 3:57:22 PM EDT
Go back and ask him to explain why ALL Springfield 1911s include the coupons, if that is the only difference.
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