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Posted: 4/14/2006 5:21:12 PM EST
Will any 1911 parts work on a Llama 1911? Before I get totally flamed keep in mind that the Llama was given to me as part of a trade for helping somebody out. My father and I took it, his Ruger Security Six, and my Glock 19 to the range today. I bet my dad $5 that the Llama probably wouldn't feed, would stove-pipe, or FTE. Not one failure of any sort which was a big surprise. The weird thing was you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it. At 25 yards the target was hit once, you had to aim very high. We are thinking of changing the barrel and bushings. The gun is super loose but wanted to make sure we could use any kind of aftermarket parts for it.
Link Posted: 4/14/2006 7:06:31 PM EST
Send it to Wilson!
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 3:07:26 AM EST
If it is the full size, about 60% of the parts are interchangeable or can be with some 'smith work.

If it is the compact or sub compact... that percent goes down drastically. Dad and I bought two Llama Max-I (full) and Llama MiniMax (compact). Mine stopped shooting about 50rds in, but was slightly accurate. Dad's shot all over the place, but fed ok.

We both got rid of them, at a big loss and now I am shooting a used Para Ord P14 for less than the price of both of those hunks of metal.

I wouldn't waste too much time/money on that gun. Infact, if you want an inexpensive 1911, sell/trade it for a new RIA (~350$), new Springer GI (~400$), used Para (~550-650). FWIW, on the RIA I have heard mixed reviews.

Check out
www.m1911.org they have a whole area dedicated to the Llama. There are some Llama owners that have done some things to get them to work also.
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 4:43:45 AM EST
The devil made me do this

The Llama song
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 4:48:14 AM EST
You would probably spend more money trying to make that Llama work right, than buying a Springer Mil-Spec or GI. Or close to it.

Get rid of it. Those things don't even throw straight.
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 4:55:46 AM EST
I think I will trade it if its that much of an ass ache. Love the Llama song
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