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Posted: 8/13/2005 10:57:57 AM EDT
Took my new Kel Tec P-3AT to the range today and was very happy with the results. I picked it up this week and did a quick Fluff and Buff as discribed here http://ktog.org/tecwerks12a.htm
I also worked the action by hand probably 100 times or so through the week waiting to get a chance to go shoot. I only tested it with ball ammo today but results were great! No malfunctions out of the whole box and accuracy was very good from both 9 and 12 feet. I know that is not far but for a pocket gun that will only be used in a no options defense situation I feel that distance is about right. At that distance I could shoot fist sized groups. Someone who is a better handgun shooter could probably do much better as I am not a very good handgun shooter.

As for comfort of shooting such a small piece, I always wear shooting gloves and with them I could have shot all day with no discomfort. Without them I shot one mag full and while not uncomfortable I did feel some slap and would not want to practice much without the gloves on.

Now I know many don't feel a .380 is enough gun or that these small cheap handguns are dependable enough to trust ones life to. However I believe any gun is better than no gun and many of us just don't feel we can carry a larger or heavier piece at all times. I also feel better when I have my Glock 23 but fact is that for me I can seldom carry it in my daily activitys. The P-3AT is about the same size and weight as my wallet and is hardly noticable when in a pocket while I am working. That is important to me.
Link Posted: 8/13/2005 11:18:20 AM EDT
You need to fix the title. What ammo did you use? I used the Russian stuff(Silver Bear, I think) and had FTEs. Kel-Tec says to use USA ammo. I just bought 100 rds of WWB, and will give that a try tomorrow. It has fed HPs fine, so I think the gun is fine, it was just the rusky ammo. Find out tomorrow. It will be a nice pocket gun when I get it straight.
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