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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/15/2005 11:54:54 PM EDT
Im seriously angry with the mags in my USPT

with less then 500 rounds through them they both wont hold the slide open anymore.

One has rounds in it all the time, and the other i keep empty. Funny thing is that the one that is normally empty stopped holding the slide first. Now my Walther that is no less then 6 years older and has had two full mags for the last 3 years never fails to hold the slide back, so whats the deal here?

Im cleaning it tomorrow so I will see if its a lube issue but at almost 2000 rounds since I bought it, the last 160 mags really hacked me off. I dont expect to buy a handgun that costs more then anything on the market and have something as stupid and simple as a magazine not work.

If my 250$ keltec mags work every time my 1000$ HK should work just as often.
Link Posted: 9/16/2005 3:41:44 AM EDT
Weak mag springs have plagued HK 45 for many years. I am not bitching at you but if you had done any research at all before the purchase on the HK USP 45 over on HKPRO you would have seen that weak mag springs are the number one complaint about the USP .45, and HK seems deaf to our complaints and will not do anything to correct the problem (with the most common non item complaint being poor customer service, wow, there's an epiphany). Sure, if you send your mags to HK they will replace the springs for free, but you end up with a crap shoot of getting the same type lousy springs again. I have quite a few HKs and most all are .45s and none have developed spring problems, but then on my carry weapons I download the mag by one. More than likely my downloading has nothing to do with it and I have only gotten lucky with the mags I use regularly, but I don't know that for certain.
Anyway, what you need to do to fix the problem once and for all is to go to Wolff Gun Springs and buy some of their 10% plus power mag springs. That will fix the problem that HK seems reluctant to fix once and for all.
Link Posted: 9/17/2005 6:13:12 AM EDT
their cs sucks they just pompus pricks
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 6:20:46 PM EDT
When I sent my USP .357Sig back for a shorter front sight, they treated me just fine. Gun was fixed & back to me in a timely fashion.

Sorry if I don't jump on the bandwagon.
Link Posted: 9/18/2005 10:10:11 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Skipa-de-do-da:
their cs sucks they just pompus pricks

Tell me, have you ever contacted their service department-or are you just repeating what you've heard elsewhere?

I've contacted them twice and they were always helpful and courteous. May be I was just lucky
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 11:34:35 AM EDT
Bob, me too. When ever I have actually had any dealings with HK CS they have done fine by me. They have replaced USC mags that were busted and USP and Mk 23 floor plates that were cracked with no bitching at all. My complaint is that HK knows the .45 mags springs are a problem and have been for at least the 4 years that I have been involved with HK, yet people still keep getting new pistols with mag springs that are shot from the get-go. That seems to me to indicate that HK knows of the problem (they must know because more than a few people have returned their mags to them for spring replacement and HK does it NQA) so why doesn't HK either test the springs to make sure they are up to snuff before building the mags or just dump the entire lot of springs and change vendors? That's the part that bothers me, you should not have to send back a brand new mag to HK for spring replacement. HK knows of the problem but would rather fix the mags after the sale than to prevent defective mags before the sale. Since HK-USA does not make or assemble anything here, the problem lies with HK-Germany (HK-JS) rather than with HK-USA, but it still seems HK-USA should be taking steps to assure that weak mag springs do not enter the market.
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 9:11:00 AM EDT
No I knew there were some issues but I figured they were really minor.

The rest of the gun is way better then the drawbacks of a bad mag. The local sheriff's department that Im getting on doesnt require me to carry a particular firearm and would allow me to carry my HK. I would be a fool not to.

However, the problem is way more annoying then I ever imagined and the real heart of the question was: HK or Wolff? which was answered quickly by exactly who I figured would answer it.

Link Posted: 9/22/2005 1:23:44 PM EDT
The spring retaining circlip on my USPC .40 went missing after a trip to the range. Called HK and they sent me a whole new guide rod assembly. Had it three days after I called.
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 10:40:35 PM EDT
yes ive contacted them, had to file a bbb complaint against them to get them to do anything
Link Posted: 9/25/2005 11:41:46 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Skipa-de-do-da:
yes ive contacted them, had to file a bbb complaint against them to get them to do anything

Was this the VT BBB? If not, then what state? I can't seem to find it in their archive, but I'd love to see it.
Link Posted: 9/25/2005 4:12:05 PM EDT
I've never had a reason to try and contact the HK factory. I'm starting to think the whole, "HK's customer service is horrible" thing is a fairy tale.

Post your inquiry with their lack of response or just stop posting the same regurgitated shit about how HK refuses to bend over for you.
Link Posted: 9/26/2005 8:35:51 PM EDT
bbb files within the state the companies associated with.

i didnt need to file a state complaint form from the state i am currently in
Link Posted: 9/26/2005 8:47:02 PM EDT
The only one I ever talked to at HK Customer Service was Mark, and that man is a first class asshole
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