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Posted: 9/5/2005 11:54:56 AM EDT
Need some oponions on this firearm before I get the sudden urge to get it when I walk in the store this week. Any info would be helpful, thanks
Link Posted: 9/5/2005 12:18:37 PM EDT
Have you ever held one or shot one?

Personally I do not like the grip and the way it sits in my hand. The double action trigger pull is way to long for me.
Link Posted: 9/5/2005 12:58:54 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/5/2005 1:01:01 PM EDT by Master_Blaster]
Stuff I like:
* SA trigger is plenty good
* Accurate, especially for being an off-the-shelf HG. Only the Mk 23 shoots staighter.
* Reliable: modified version of tried-&-true Browning action
* Designed for suppressor use: breech block is sufficiently beefy to handle the weight of a can dangling on the end of the bbl.; threaded bbl. will make range old school shooting purists cringe & soccer moms faint (not that I recommend waving it @ them); CCFA vortex FS is a nice accessory to compliment this feature, BTW.
* .45 holes make invisible souls.

Stuff I'd change:
* Proprietary HK rail isn't compatible for MIL-STD type rail mount accessories (but there are plenty of toys available, so no big).
* DA trigger (which is poor on most HG's).

As is, it's my HG of choice, particularly for its reliability & accuracy. In a SHTF situation, It'd be in my bug-out bag, no question.

Any questions?
Link Posted: 9/5/2005 3:54:07 PM EDT
Had one, didn't really like it. Some potential issues:

-Double stack .45 doesn't fit everyone well. If you hands are small to average, make sure to shoot one first.
-Relatively high bore axis, giving it more muzzle flip than I liked.
-Polymer trigger tended to flex, yielding to somewhat inconsitent trigger pulls.
-Above issue also made the trigger stop less useful - if you grabbed the trigger just a hair lower, the trigger would flex more. So if you set the stop for just after it breaks, you grabbed the trigger lower in a stressful situation, you may hit the stop before the trigger broke. So I found reliability made me back out the stop to a less than ideal setting.
-IMHO, pointless unless you are going to supress. This was my plan before I had any other cans, and I didn't bo my research. I assumed the .45 would be a better platform to supress than 9mm, since standard .45 loads are subsonic. This isn't the case, however, and many folks claim the USP is louder than other .45's when supressed as it unlocks faster.
Link Posted: 9/5/2005 5:57:01 PM EDT
Split the difference.


Man, I want one of these.
Link Posted: 9/5/2005 7:31:09 PM EDT
I love the USP Tactical, but it does have some things I don't like.

The trigger has an excellent SA trigger pull, but DA feels like a nightmare. If you accidentally pull on the trigger while the gun is on safe, it feels very prone to breakage.

The polymer double stack frame is too wide for some people. They also don't feel easy to hold onto when you have sweaty hands. However, a Hogue grip fixes that quickly.

The rail is the "Universal Rail" which takes an adapter in most mounting situations. I'd hope that in the future, HK switches over to 1913 Picatinny rails like everyone else is.

I naturally like pulling the hammer back without racking the slide. HK's hammer is rather small, and hard to get a firm grip on when cocking.

I myself hate target sights on combat based pistols. I would much rather have the standard sights. If you do get the Tac, make sure you don't plan on shooting in low light as they're solid black.

It's a very bulky pistol. The extended and threaded barrel eliminates alot of holster options, but there are still plenty quality ones available. The pistol is also a little bit on the heavy side (especially for a polymer pistol), but that's all in the extremely heavy duty slide.

Besides that, the USP Tactical is a very well rounded pistol. I myself prefer a 1911 to my specs, but the Tac would be my second choice. It's pretty accurate, reliable, and not to ammo picky from what I've seen. I used to hate plastic guns as they felt like rickity little toys. The USP is a very quality built, stout handgun, even though it is polymer. In fact, the USP series are the only polymer pistols I will even acknowledge. I'm sure you will be satisfied with it's durability and accuracy. I don't like very many handguns, and the USP series is one of the very few.

With that said, my next handgun after my SA Operator, will be a USP40 Compact.
Link Posted: 9/5/2005 8:03:29 PM EDT

Originally Posted By GunSlingAR:
Split the difference. href=www.hkdefense.us/pages/military-le/handguns/usp45ct.html

Man, I want one of these.

Why did youhave to show me that.. Now I need one.. not want.. Need
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 5:04:23 AM EDT

USPC45 + CCF threaded extended barrel + Heinie sights + CCFA carbon fiber can.

The USP 45 tactical is a great pistol. The Match Sights are on the USP Tactical because if you put a suppressor on it, the standard fixed sights do NOT see over the can. The match sights are very good, I routinely smack chest plates out at 50-60 yards on a consistent basis in semi rapid fire mode (and I'm not a great shooter by any stretch). The sights are adj. for wind and elevation. If you don't like the all black, you can always put a white stripe on it or something. You can also get the adj night sights by mepro or MMC. I would recommend the Heinie sights as the white dots clear the can better.

Link Posted: 9/6/2005 4:59:32 PM EDT
Thanks for the advice, I ordered it today, should have it Thurs the latest
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 5:29:47 PM EDT
I've got a USP Expert, the only problem is that I don't have and can't 12rd mags. Another problem is that factory HK mags are pretty expensive.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 5:42:14 PM EDT
Awesome gun. Not sure where all the comments on it having a big grip come from.

My 11 year old doesn't mind it

Seriously....it's very accurate and controllable. The trigger pull isn't a 1911 but it's not as bad as some have reported. Double action is a bit long but why would you shoot it DA? It has a safety....cocked and locked. SA isn't bad. Did I say accurate?

I have a large hand so it's size is a non issue.

I liked it so much that I just purchased a USPc 45 to carry.

Link Posted: 9/6/2005 7:21:05 PM EDT
On paper its the greatest handgun in the world. In reality its got some drawbacks.

Grip like a brick or 2X4 however you want to descibe the giant lego block of a grip.
Grip hurts your hand after prolonged shooting. I wore a glove to stop this rawness.
DA trigger is rubbery, long, squishy, catches, etc. It really, really sucks.
HK rails require an adapter to use standard lights. Adds cost and weight.
Gun is expensive, mags are expensive, EVERYTHING abou it is expensive.
High bore axis creates more muzzle flip than other 45s.
Its so damned loud!!! You will require a suppressor to not have ringing ears after the first shot if you have no hearing protection. Its louder than a 10.5" AR15. No kidding.

I will conceed mine was totally reliable, accurate as hell, has a great SA trigger and held a crap load of .45 ammo. I just could not live with it and went back to 9mm (half the price of ammo) in a Sig P226R and am SOOOooo much happier with the Sig.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 8:38:29 PM EDT

Its so damned loud!!! You will require a suppressor to not have ringing ears after the first shot if you have no hearing protection.

That describes pretty much every pistol, right there.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 8:42:54 PM EDT
Generally speaking, IMHO the H&K USP line is overpriced and over rated.
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 10:09:35 PM EDT

Originally Posted By fargoman:
Generally speaking, IMHO the H&K USP line is overpriced and over rated.

Thanks for taking the time to explain
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 3:37:51 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Marksman14:

Originally Posted By fargoman:
Generally speaking, IMHO the H&K USP line is overpriced and over rated.

Thanks for taking the time to explain


Talk about being clueless.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 4:12:23 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/7/2005 4:23:53 AM EDT by thebomber]
I like to add some more perspective based upon personal experience. I own 2 1911's and like them just fine. They are accurate and pretty reliable. The downside is the capacity. I've taken several firearms courses including one at Blackwater and frankly speaking, those with 1911's were at a distinct disadvantage with many of the drills. The increased capacity of the USP does come with a side effect....size.

If you have a decent sized hand you will find that the whole grip thing is blown out of proportion. It's something that those who are inclined to be negative feel they can mention.

Another frequent complaint is the price. I don't get that either. To compare to a Sig or a 1911 you would have to compare it to the USP. In my experience, SIGs aren't exactly cheap and if you buy a decent 1911 (Kimber et al), you are reaching up there in price also.

Mag price. Once again I don't see the issue. I have a flyer from "Gun Accessory Supply in my hands right now and the price for a Factory USP 45 mag is $15. Besides it's a non recurring cost.

Mushy double action trigger. I have two responses. If you train with your USP you will easily master taking up the slack. Have you ever had a DA trigger that was good. More to the point, why wouldn't you carry the USP cocked and locked like everyone does with a 1911. The SA trigger pull is decent.

Noise....well that's a new one on me. I have found that a USP is not louder nor quieter than any other 45 with a similar barrel length.

I'm not an H&K zealot. I happen to like 45's. The H&K is ultra reliable with all manner of ammo. I'm sure the Sig's and Glocks are also. I recently sold off my Springfield XDs which were also extremely reliable. Unfortunately, they don't come in 45 ACP.

YMMV......but consider some of the negatives as "hype".

You may want to consider the 45 compact with an LEM trigger. I have one and prefer it to the tactical for everyday situations.

Link Posted: 9/7/2005 4:40:36 AM EDT
If you want a USPC Tactical you had better hurry and get in on the group buy of Jarvis USPC-45 threaded barrels over on HKPRO. HK is not going to produce the USPC-T, that ship has sailed, so if you want to build your own then you had better hurry because all money has to be in by Sept. 12. Contact the thread starter on HKPRO-Handguns for pricing because it is too low and Jarvis does not want it published on the open market. That is the only way you are going to get one like Michaels so don't miss out.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 1:05:16 PM EDT
Bomber, I agree.

The USP Tactical is a great pistol. If you switched from a Tactical to a 226, you dropped in caliber, which might explain why you didnt like the Tac, you don't like the .45, that's fine.

Mushy DA trigger? I wouldnt say it's mushier than any other DA semi auto. The SA is great, the adj overtravel makes it fast.

Target sights, threaded barrel...all positives.

The only thing I'd change is the rail.

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