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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 4/10/2006 8:54:04 PM EDT
I recently bought a Glock 19 and 26 to compliment my 17. My Glock 17 has been 100% reliable with all ammo and mags. So were my 21 and 30.

I noticed that both the Glock 19 and 26 will fail to feed from the 33 round Glock 18 mags I have. Both mags have this problem, about one failure every 3 shots. This is with Fiocchi 115gr FMJ ammo. The 33 rd mags are flawless with WWB and Remington UMC. They have been 100% with all ammo, including the Fiocchi, in my 17.

When shooting, the slide will close on a new cartridge and dent it about 2mm from the rim, with the bullet pointing upward. It seems like either the slide does not move back far enough, or the mag spring doesn't move the next round up in time to be chambered. Or both?

Anyone noticed a similar problem?

Also, I noticed the 33rd mags are difficult to insert in the Glock 19, because of two small rails molded into the magwell. The 17 and 26 do not have these. Glock 17 and 19 normal capacity mags have a groove near the rear of the mag to clear these rails. Any inside info on the purpose of this?


Link Posted: 4/11/2006 3:06:15 AM EDT
While I have no G26, I do have the G17 & G19 and both run flawlessly with the G18 33 rnd mags.

That said I only ever load 30 rnds into the 33 rnd mag and although they have both eaten 115grn rounds in the past I currently stock LC 124grn surplus for my 9mms.

If your only having this problem w/ the lighter weight Fiocchi, I'd suggest avoiding it as it is perhaps underpowered.

Link Posted: 4/11/2006 4:24:38 AM EDT
Let's see here:

- Fiocchi 115gr runs great in your G17 but not in your new G19 & G26?
- WWB and UMC both seem to run great in your G19 & G26?

I'd have to say that the Fiocchi might be a bit underpowered. I'm thinking that you might need to get some more rounds through your G19/G26 to sort of loosen them up a bit. I know, I know...Glocks don't need a break in period but I experienced two stove pipes (same as you) with my G17 very early on (under 500 rounds) when she was new but since then she's been flawless for the last 4500. So in my experience it's good to get some rounds through them before you deem any gun reliable.

My suggestion is to use some regular mags and get 500-1000 through each before you spend much time trying to troubleshoot this problem.
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