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Posted: 8/16/2005 9:06:06 PM EDT
I purchased a P9S Combat 9mm this past Saturday at a Tampa gun show for $595....this is my second P9S 9mm. I sold off my first one many years back. Needless to say, it's a happy reunion; but was a tad soured today at the range.

I cleaned the gun on Sunday and took the gun on Tuesday with a couple hundred rounds. First off was a box of 50 Remington 115 grain TEMC Leadless rounds which fired with no problems. What a joy it was to fire the gun....if only all 9mm's were as accurate as a P9S.

Next up were a box of 50 Speer 124 grain Gold Dot JHPs......first 15 rounds....no problems....next few rounds....disaster. The rounds were chambering, but not discharging. There weren't any primer hits/marks at all.
Racking the slide after doing "tap, racks" did not result in any "bangs". I later discovered why. The rounds were slipping the extractor into the chamber. As such, racking the slide would not only fail to extract the chambered round, but would also create a double feed malfunction. Further, the extractor was resting on the outer portion of the rim of each cartridge likely creating a gap long enough between the primer and the firing pin....so the firing pin wouldn't reach the primer to discharge the round.

I took the gun home and cleaned it.....especially the bolt and extractor. I chambered some 9mm snap caps....those "rounds" also slipped the extractor and would fail to eject.

Moan, groan......suggestions? Try to get a new extractor, compression spring, bolt head, and/or rollers?

Link Posted: 8/17/2005 9:08:43 AM EDT
Sorry your frustrated. You got a deal on a great handgun which needs some preventive maintenance and repair. As for the extraction: doesn't the P9 have a flutted chamber and have gas blowback to help kick brass out even with a bad extractor?

I would just just chalk up the $595 plus the replacement parts and put your handgun in order.

Here is where you can get all your parts...


Best of luck...
Page Handguns » H&K
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