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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/9/2002 1:46:50 PM EST
S**T who shoots what?....just don`t shoot it at me .....cause I know you`re gonna hit me or me you or whatever.....BROTHERS and SISTERS..............(geesh).......
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 1:54:06 PM EST
The handgun forum is showing signs of life.......hey...I`m trying......
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 1:54:10 PM EST
Two F-16s? ...got me beat.
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 1:55:57 PM EST
Soon to change....hey...not trying to beat anybody.......
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 2:01:40 PM EST
Tell you what Gene.....that Hannah is a girl after my heart...she likes them largebores......well as they say...maybe in a different life.....and tylers pit...looks just like my daughters...what a great dog.....somebody wipe b&g off the posts......
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 2:12:14 PM EST
Hannah...spells the same even backwards, is one great person and I would be her ammo bearer anytime! Her knowledge is already legendary and I hope she has found a home with us!
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 2:13:00 PM EST
C`mon people......POST......POST.....POST.....say what`s on your mind......
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 4:03:03 PM EST
Hey Black and Green, and AnotherGene!
I feel VERY at home here, heck, this kind of cameraderie is almost impossible to come by anymore.
I learn new stuff from you guys all the time, and we always have fun as well.

I would be honored to share the bunker with any of you when TSHTF.
Link Posted: 4/9/2002 6:03:07 PM EST
<Alfred E. Neuman> What? Me post?
Link Posted: 4/10/2002 2:21:56 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/10/2002 2:24:00 AM EST by BlackandGreen]
Any girl that sleeps next to a 44 is sure a friend of mine.........(almost brings a tear to me eye...)
Link Posted: 4/10/2002 5:41:29 AM EST
Heh heh, thanks for the invitation, Hannah, my bunker days were over in '68...flashbacks of filling sandbags...YUK!
Link Posted: 4/10/2002 7:57:46 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/11/2002 7:42:06 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/11/2002 11:46:43 AM EST
Shoots what? 45ACP mostly, then varies with 38 Special, 357 Mag, 40 S&W, 9MM, 44 Mah, and 22LR bening the rest. Not in to 454 and the such or single shot handguns.

But then again I like to shoot the sh!t as well!
Link Posted: 4/12/2002 10:43:00 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:00:52 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:33:45 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:38:01 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:39:12 AM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:28:29 AM EST
I need more BULLETS.........
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:30:20 AM EST

Originally Posted By CockedandLocked:
GEESE !! I cant leave you people alone for a couple of weeks without paranoia setting in



Whats happinin in here ? Havent had alot of time to spend on the boards lately. Looks like Ill be getting back on track here shortly and be around more soon

Tryin` different things to liven up the place!.........
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:38:30 AM EST
Hannah`s all excited about a usp 40......wonder how she made out???............
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 11:45:31 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/13/2002 11:47:54 AM EST by Hannah_Reitsch]
Long strange tale.....
I shut the deal down......too much weirdness all around.
A bigtime collector had offered me a nice P-38 and $500 for a P-38 I have that has capture papers. My P-38 is a rare variation easily worth $1,000, so it was a fair offer.
Another acquaintance offered me his H&K for 500.
I figured I would do the trade, get the cash, and do the buy. 2 for 1...sounded good. Wouldn't be down a P-38, after all, and would be up an H&K.
Then it started to get weird.
The acquaintance HAD to leave town RFN......hmm.
Bit of heat, perhaps.
The collector said he couldn't get to his trade gun because he stores his in a bank vault. Hmmmmmm.
But he could get cash in time to give me THAT half of it before "acquaintance" leaves town.
But I would have to trade sight unseen for the other gun he had, and of course "I could trust him." HMMMMMMMMMM.
Then there was some question over why the "acquaintance" was bugging out so quick.
Didn't want to know, really, but suspected shady shit.
So, ALL fronts of this deal were starting to make my hair stand on edge.
I always trust those gut feelings.
So I shut the deal down.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 1:57:30 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 3:39:14 PM EST
Yeah, it quickly went from a reasonable and fair transaction to the Deal From Hell.
I was not born yesterday, and with *both* of them getting bizarre on me, I just figured to hell with it. Trust that Ol' Third Eye.
We have hairs on the back of our necks for a reason.
I didn't feel like getting sharpied out of a really sweet collector gun, and possibly winding up with a very evil H&K.
Screw it, I will just wait till I get to TX to do any more horsetrading or buying.

Which, btw, is coming along slow but sure.....
I should be making a run down there in the next 2-3 weeks as I have totally fallen in lust with a B&B there.
Gotta make sure the termites haven't wanted it more than me first though, hehehehe. And mine should be getting it's For Sale sign up very soon as well. Have to get the downstairs wood floors sanded and redone first though.

From the realtor brochure about the TX house:
"This magnificent 24 room structure highlights original leaded glass transoms, seven hand carved fireplace mantels, egg and dart trim, beamed ceilings, cut glass French doors, polished wood columns and oak flooring."

I want this house!
Link Posted: 4/14/2002 4:43:30 AM EST
Sounds like a set up to me.....keep savin` girl......something will come along....you have a goal..to keep the unbusy part of your mind occupied (right).....good luck with your ventures..........
Link Posted: 4/14/2002 2:41:14 PM EST
Thanks Black and Green, I have way too many details on my mind right now to get snagged up in what may have been a couple of rather fishy transactions.
I am packing all the non-neccessities in the house, which is a pretty major job in itself, and trying like hell to put the Really Big Deal together......sell this house, and buy the one we can make money with, grow old in, and eventually die in.
Another H&K will show up sometime, I am sure, I really *do* want one of them someday, but heck, in the meantime, it's not like I don't have a carry gun I love, I got the little Glock.
And the collector guns are truly a last ditch thing, in case I *have* to make some cash quick someday. Other than that, I just enjoy them, maintain them, and keep them stashed.
Thanks for the "attagirl" though, sure helps keep me focused and energized.
Link Posted: 4/14/2002 5:30:44 PM EST
...Up...always up....(we may never pass this way again).........
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