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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/2/2006 5:43:43 AM EDT
No matter what I try, I just can't get all the carbon off the cylinder face of my S&W 66. Anybody have any secret to cleaning it up? Thanks. MJD
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 5:54:05 AM EDT
Easy. Use a brass brush first. Next, use Nevrdull, available at walmart. It will look unfired when you are done.
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 6:08:47 AM EDT
I get best results using a brass brush with Blue Wonder gel solvent. Still takes a fair bit of elbow grease too. The thicker gel solvents stay in place better while you are working on it.
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 8:06:45 AM EDT
Buy some Flitz, get an old toothbrush and VOILA'! By the way, clean the underside of the frame where the forcing cone/barrel come out, too.

I use this method on my M66 and it's a breeze.

Link Posted: 1/2/2006 3:34:18 PM EDT
+1 on Flitz...

It clearly is der Vunder-cleaner

Brass or nylon brush + flitz + little bit of elbow grease = looking like brand new.

Also, anything that you're still getting in 2006 that says "Made in West Germany" has to be good stuff...

Link Posted: 1/2/2006 3:58:29 PM EDT
There's no need to play around with abrasives, brass brushes, or buy chemicals.

Just buy a "Lead Away" cloth at the gun store.
These are yellow colored, "waxy" feeling cloths.

Just rub the fouled area and the cloth absolutely strips the carbon right off, with no heavy scrubbing.

The cloth can also be cut into patches and used to remove lead from the bore.

One word of warning: These cloths will also strip BLUING right off. Use on stainless steel guns ONLY.

These cloths do work better than anything else, AND are safe to use on stainless guns.
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