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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/27/2003 6:56:28 AM EST
I'm not thinking of one as a carry piece - I already have my choices - but I like the "nifty" factor of them.

Are the handguns still being produced?
Link Posted: 11/27/2003 4:10:50 PM EST
I still see new ones in gunshops here, so I assume that they are still in production.

I owned a DP-51C (the 9mm compact) and it worked fine. There were a couple of visible mill marks, and it wasn't put together like a pre-war Luger, but it NEVER failed in any way. It took S&W mags, which was a good move on their part. Hi-cap mags are easily available and inexpensive. There is the added benifit of there also being extended mags, and both stainless and blued.

Accuracy was nothing spectacular. It shot well, but not as good as a Sig or most other high-end pistols. "Functional accuracy" is the term used in gun rags when they don't want to bash a gun for it's accuracy. The Daewoo had "functional accuracy". Not truly inaccurate, just not the best. It could very well have been that I didn't find the right bullet/gun combo either. I just shot what was on sale. It shot good enough that I wouldn't hesitate to carry it for defense. As an added plus for defense, it was 100% reliable.

The trigger is unique to say the least. The DA pull is about what you'd expect form a DA gun, and the SA pull was prdeictably boring as well. The Fast Action trigger took some getting used to. If you're going to use it, then ignore the fact that the gun has DA. It was like a long SA pull. I decided I didn't like it in the end. It's easy enough to use or ignore as you see fit. There's no extra levers or anything to make it work, you just push the hammer forward.

The gun itself handled well and was very comfortable. In fact it was one of the more comfortable and sensible layouts for a stock handgun configuration that I've ever run across. It doesn't pretend to be anything but a working gun, and it does this fine.

I sold mine because I was seriously trying to just stick to one type of hi-cap mag (Sig P22X) at the time. I'd buy another if I found a good deal.

They're like that country's cars. Nothing special, it's just a car (or gun) that works and does what you need it to do without really worrying much about it.

Link Posted: 11/27/2003 4:43:53 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/27/2003 4:45:12 PM EST by Jaybo]
Thanks for the input. I may look into one, if I find a decent deal. www.gunbroker.com has some listed for around $250 (and one started at $215...)
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