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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/22/2005 4:36:51 PM EST
I am thinking of picking one up for my self. I have sold two in the past year and they seem to be picking up in popularity. I sold 4 more as X-mas gifts this week after stocking them. Has anyone out there tryed them out? My sales rep at the distributor didn't have anything bad to say about them as far as feedback from other dealers.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 7:38:31 PM EST
its the best kit out there on the market, if ya getting one also get it with the mag loader
Link Posted: 12/23/2005 11:10:19 AM EST
I haven't put a whole lot of rounds through mine, and have had a few issues mis-feeds. Being a .22, it's probably something that couldbe fixed with different ammo, but there really aren't a whole lot of high-velocity .22 loads out there so I hope one of them works. The problem I have had is rounds smashing on the feedramp and holding the slide half open when I cycle the action manually to chamber a round.

Other than that, it's accurate and fun. Little pissed that the conversion costs as much as a Ruger .22 but only comes with ONE (1) 10 round magazine...

Link Posted: 12/23/2005 9:44:50 PM EST
I love mine. Be sure to buy an extra mag or two.
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 4:13:46 AM EST
I like mine. Mags are fragile, but the new ones are slightly better. I use mine for "slingshot" shooting the quiet Colibri .22's in my basement. Sounds like a handclap. If I go through with the Gemtech Outback II conversion I'll probably enjoy it even more.
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 4:55:28 AM EST
What is the largest magazine capacity available for the Advantage Arms conversions? Do they have the little removable panel at the pack of the slide like a regular Glock? If the 'Match' version wasn't so ugly I would've bought one already, I'm thinking about getting a regular one and fitting match sights to see over a can.
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 4:30:46 PM EST
What is the major difference between the LE and Target versions of the AA conversion?
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 6:22:54 PM EST
The sights
Link Posted: 12/24/2005 10:12:05 PM EST
Best money spent for training for me I love my kit...
Link Posted: 12/25/2005 3:37:54 PM EST
Got one today for Christmas. Very cool, but it is pickey on ammo. I had some 40 gr Russian Pistol Match ammo and it would not cycle the slide, but it liked the Winchester I put through it.
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 6:45:05 PM EST

Originally Posted By ta2d_cop:
I am thinking of picking one up...

the AA kit is great. you can plink with it all day for $10 in ammo. you can work on your trigger technique, sight picture, etc -- all on the same frame you shoot the big stuff with. if you are trying to introduce someone to shooting, nothing is easier and more fun than shooting a ".22cal Glock".

as noted above, the AA kit needs the right ammo. Remington "Golden Bullets", either in 36gr HP or 40gr ball, work well for me. keep the feedramp and chamber clean of copper/lead/powder and the barrel tidy, and the kit works well.

it's amazing that the AA kits operates as well as it does! i have put about 2K rounds through mine and i've probably had 15-20 total hangups.

ps: buy extra mags!


Link Posted: 12/27/2005 3:33:56 PM EST

What you are trying to say is (hand waves in front of face) "This is the 22 conversion kit you are looking for."

Thanks for all the info, everyone. I will be ordering one next week with plenty of extra mags.
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 7:35:20 PM EST

Originally Posted By ta2d_cop:
Thanks for all the info, everyone. I will be ordering one next week with plenty of extra mags

shop around. pricing for this kit can be all over the place.



ebay search
one possible auction

ps: i've read over on glocktalk.com that *a lot* of folks have bought this kit off of ebay. find the right vendor if you go this route, don't just look to save US$2 or so.


Link Posted: 12/27/2005 8:48:46 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/28/2005 3:03:23 AM EST
Or you could try gunbroker.com, e.g. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=41896759
Link Posted: 12/28/2005 4:42:36 PM EST

Originally Posted By kblagg:
We have them for $225

+1. go with a site sponsor.



Link Posted: 12/31/2005 5:25:09 PM EST
I recently bought one from "asotactical" on eBay (the same as linked above). Shipped quickly, good price, no problem. However, this is because I somehow missed kblagg's ad here on ARFCOM. Would have saved a couple bux and helped a sponsor. Oh well - I'll definitely get my spare mags from him - $5 cheaper than anyone else I've seen.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 4:09:37 AM EST
I purchased one for my G22 and love it. It did have some FTF within the first several hundred rounds but since has not malfunctioned at all. It was good for some clearing drills, Tap/Rack/Bang but has since worked out it's bugs. Ammo is cheap and as already stated, you can work on basic skills such as trigger control. I have found that shooting a .22LR is one of the best ways to work on technique. Recoil is low enough that my wife actually enjoys shooting again. She has always been recoil challenged but has started going to the range with me again and shoots the .22.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 4:51:41 AM EST
I just wish that AA would either open a subsidiary or license the mag design to someone outside of CA to get around the stupid 10 round magazine issue. You could probably put 30 or more rounds into some Glock handgrips. Now, the trick would be to getting it to feed properly, but it would be sweet.
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 2:41:47 PM EST
Can anyone shed some lighton the accuracy of the AA kits? Is this just a can shooter or is the accuracy enough for small game hunting, such as rabbits and tree rats? I would love to see a kit I can add to my camping bag for emergencies. This would go a long ways towards making my 19 a daily carry gun... fullclip
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