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Posted: 4/19/2006 8:06:55 AM EST
so, I'm a night shifter, dont get to sleep till about 0600. Today around 0500 we noticed water starting to build up in the rocks around our CHUs.... after 10 minutes... we realize "holy smokes the water is filling up fast!" then we realized.. fuck... FLOOD! we scramble waking everyone up (at least in our group... CAP wasnt to concerned about the other in tents So I get all my stuff up high off the ground, get a spare pair of trausers and boots, my weapon, and small important things.. and put em on my bus.
When I realize nobody was going to wake the poor bastards in the tents, I took action.... no way am I going to not let them know and loose a lot of their shit... and who knows what the flood is from... As I go tent to tent, waking people up and giving the situation I come to tent 7.... didnt know it was a female tent.. thank goodness I knocked... a pretty gal opened the door "What the fuck?!" I about had a heart attack... DD's bangin body.. aaaaaand she was wearing a white tank top.. (wife beater). took me a second to get my bearing (I was enjoying the view).. then let her know whats up.. made the soaking wet boots worth it.

The water was up to just below the knee in some areas (this is on a 5'10" guy).. sucked! The water subsided so tomorrow we get to go check our stuff, but we are pretty much evicted.

What happened was the dirt berm around the base gave way on the side where a HUGE lake had formed against it.. and lucky for me and my guys, the water managed to spread out a field, then channel into a drain tube under a bridge, that channeled it right towards us.. aint that a B@#$#
the kicker is the area this water had built up was a former black and brown water dumping site, and had swept through a vehicle maintinence yard... and a toilet trailer... so we had sewage, brown water, oil, grease, fuel (we had jerry cans stuck in the C-wire all over).. and also the snakes that were flushed out.

one hour of sleep today... what fun what fun.. and the planes kept coming.

Link Posted: 4/19/2006 11:22:07 AM EST
oh the joys of LSA Anaconda......i used to laugh at ppl wearing those goofy looking overboots......now, w/ the rain, i wear them every day to and from shift.
Link Posted: 4/19/2006 11:51:09 AM EST
I'm at speicher, two of the LSAs where jacked by this... mine, and one that a group had finished building slightly downhill from us... last week they finished it.
tomorrow they are supposed to inspect damages... hopefully mine is good to go, I had a half inch of room before the water would be hitting the bottom of my floor, and reportedly the water level had gone down after that... my coworkers had a foot and a half of water in their's
I'd have to say the snakes swimming in the water and the "floaties" goin with the current sucked the most.
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