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Posted: 8/27/2004 12:14:39 PM EDT

Anyone read or know of a program that translates russian?
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 12:20:16 PM EDT
Here ya go!

Brief history of "Bullpups"

Bull- pup (Engl. "puppy of bulldog") - so is called the schematic of small arms, in which the store, fast and well- trigger mechanism and lock are located behind the control handle of fire (as a rule, inside the butt). The merit of this diagram consists in the fact that with the retention of long stem possible it fairly decreased the length of weapon. Or with the retention of the assigning length of weapon stem considerably lengthened.

Is above - Austrian rifle AUG, executed according to diagram "Bullpup". Below - American M16 rifle. With the equal length of stem (508 mm), the overall length AUG - is 790 mm against 1000 mm in M16.

It is considered that the first "Bullpups" poyavilis' after World War II. But this is far from so...

Idea itself - it placed store in the butt of weapon - vitala in air even from... THE XVII century! At least, 1665 datiruyetsya German master Caspar kal'tkhof's gun, now advanced in the Moscow Armory Chamber. Kal'tkhof of razmestil in the butt two hollow tubes, in which pomeshchalis' 15 bullets and powder charges, consecutively into the breech. However, the present boom of similar systems arrived to the second-half OF THE XIX century, when the mass production of fixed rounds began. Then poyavilis' tens of systems with the applied stores - Spencer, Evans, Wilson. The system of Spencer even byla is accepted to the armament of American army and actively it ispol'zovalos' in the course of the civil War between the North and South.

Carbine of Spencer, 1860. In the butt - tubular store to 7 cartridges.

Magazine rifle of Evans, 1871. In the butt - auger store to 24 cartridges.

But not one these their systems still cannot it considered "Bullpup". Because they all - Kal'tkhof, Spencer, Evans, etc. - postavili by its purpose found place for the store, but it did not reduce the length of weapon. Fast and well- trigger mechanisms and locks in the enumerated models of sokhranili traditional location - in the center section of the weapon.

First valuable "Bullpup" of poyavilsya in Great Britain, in the course of the Boer War. At that time in the British army ispol'zovalis' several varieties of magazine rifle -3nfil6d, including long-barrelled model for the infantry and short-barreled - for the cavalry. The army of zhelala it secured the universal weapon, suitable for the armament of all branches of service - compact, but in this case long-barrelled. So in 1901 of poyavilsya the carbine Of tornikroft (Thornycroft) of caliber 303. In contrast to the the standard whether -3nfil6da, its 5- charge store of raspolagalsya in the butt; the breech mechanism of byl is carry ouied far back. Weapon poluchilos' lung and compact, but conservative British servicemen not zainteresovalis' by them, and to the armament of byla was accepted sufficiently traditional rifle SMLE. There are information, that in the short period Of tornikroft of ispol'zovalsya in the Canadian army, but about its combat employment nothing it is known.

Again Bullpups vykhodyat to the scene in the beginning of 30th g.g., when with the armament of Czechoslovak army is taken anti-tank the gun OF M.SS-YAY. after the occupation of Czechoslovakia M.SS-YAY bylo accepted in arsenal of Wehrmacht and troops SS.

Anti-tank of 7.92 mm gun M.SS-YAY.

These are bylo the semiautomatic weapon of completely contemporary design; its features possible it found even in the later British rifle L -85. It is possible that precisely gun M.SS-YAY okazalo influence on all subsequent developments of "Bullpups".

After end 2MV the Britons of nachali the work on the new automatic rifle for the army. The appeared about 1950 model EM -2 of byl is officially accepted to the armament, but this solution bylo is reexamined at the last moment.

Storming rifle EM -2.

Entered NATO Great Britain prinyalas' it led all army armament to the standards of alliance, and shot by the nonstandard cartridge (280 - "khyae mm) EM -2 not bylo place in this system (in that period by the standard rifle cartridge in NATO of byl of".'2khshchy mm).

Approximately in also the time the first experimental Bullpups appear in THE USSR.

Automaton Of korobova TKB-YA08. 1947.

Automaton Of korobova TKB-022. 1962.

But them is rapid zatmil the accepted to the armament Kalashnikov automatic rifle. Still several Soviet Bullpups, developed in 60-70- X of g.g., also ostalis' by prototypes. And only in 90th g.g. the Russian soldiers and the police are armed with the bull-dad- versions of the sniper rifle Of dragunova, with the automata "thunderstorm" and some other models.

the Automatic- grenade-throwing complex (9/40 mm) OF OTS-YYA "thunderstorm". Has the large number of modifications, into such cases without the grenade discharger and versions 7.62 mm of caliber.

Automaton A -91 of the caliber of 7.62 mm.

The sniper rifle OTS-0E SVU, Bullpup is version SVD. Model capable of conducting automatic fire is called OTS-0EAS SVU- A.

At the end the 60-X- beginning of 70th g.g. in American VVS of ispytyvalsya pistol Bullpup "bushmaster Of armpistol", created on the base of the earlier machine pistol IMP in combination with the elements of the constructions of M16 and AK-YA".

Pistol "bushmaster Of armpistol" of the caliber of 5.56 mm.

But in the end of the ends from it otkazalis', and "bushmaster" of postupil into commercial sale.

In 70-80- X of g.g. the Bullpups gradually conquer Europe. Almost simultaneously to assault rifles created according to this diagram they are adopted for military service in Austria (AUG, 1977), France (FAMAS, 1978), Great Britain (L -85, 1984). It is further - it is more. The new models of Bullpups appear in China, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, Brazil, USA, Italy, Germany, Singapore... Moreover not only assault rifles, but machine pistols, fowling-pieces, "anti-material" weapon.

Storming rifle AUG. Austria, 1977.

Storming rifle FAMAS. France, 1978.

Storming rifle FN F2000. Belgium.

Storming rifle L85. Great Britain, 1984.

Light machine gun L8?1, is created on the base of rifle L -85. Great Britain.

Storming rifle Sar-21. Singapore.

Storming rifle vector SR -21. South Africa.

Storming rifle Type-86S. C.P.R. - CHINESE PEOPLES' REPUBLIC.

Light machine gun Type-95 (Qzb-95). C.P.R. - CHINESE PEOPLES' REPUBLIC. There exists close one in the construction storming rifle with the same name - Type-95.

Storming rifle Type-97 of the caliber of shch.shch'mm, 1998 OF C.P.R. - CHINESE PEOPLES' REPUBLIC. It is created on the base of the assault rifle Type-95.

Storming rifle It valmet M82, 5.56 mm. it is created on the base OF AK-YA"/akm. Finland.

"anti-material" of 12.7 mm rifle Barrett M9shch. USA.

Machine pistol AUG. Austria, 1987.

Combat fowling-piece ("tactical gun") Asg-16. USA.

Combat fowling-piece Of "pankor Of dzhekkhammer". USA.

Combat fowling-piece "of Mossberg-590-Bull- dads". USA.

Sniper rifle "Walter Wa-2000". Germany.

The Bullpup, store are located above the stem horizontally in some models of small arms, which relate to the diagram.

Pistol "kaliko-9shch0". USA.

Machine pistol FN P90, 5.7 mm. Belgium, the end of the 80th of g.g.

Case-free of 4.7 mm storming rifle G11. Germany.

However, as far as Israel is concerned, the first Bullpup byl is released here in 1984 this byla the sniper rifle Of sirkis M-36 ("model 36- GO g. from the revival of state Israel"), created on the base of the American rifle Of myya. The outstanding weapon (on I will take aside specialists), nevertheless, M-36 not of poluchila of wide acceptance. Only in small quantities it is used in the Israeli SP.

In 1989 company TCI of vypustila the modernized version of this model - M89SR, which is also used by Israeli SP, and also SP of some other countries.

Sniper rifle M89SR.

In 2002 with the armament of the army of the defense of Israel it is taken storming rifle"tavor".




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Link Posted: 8/27/2004 12:33:41 PM EDT
Sweet thanks!
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 12:37:40 PM EDT
Andy, dude you are the shit!

Uhhh, over here that's a good thing.

That translation is kinda' funny.
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 1:17:05 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/27/2004 1:21:51 PM EDT
I use this one…


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