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Posted: 11/3/2009 9:59:37 AM EST
We have a desktop for home use, two laptops for work/home use, and a netbook for vacations, etc. It was a gift. We rarely use it, but when we do, it's nice for what it is.

We were on vacation this summer, and it was dropped. The screen cracked (actually, the underlying LCD).

I have heard that you can just buy the "top half" of a laptop or netbook, and that some brands are easier installs than others.

Local discount computer repair store just gave me a preliminary quote of $100, but since they don't have the part in stock, they won't know for sure until they can actually source it.

They will call me when this happens.

Does anyone here recommend somewhere I could source these from myself?

It is an Acer AspireOne (ZG5). Thanks in advance.

I found a few parts numbers at Pinnacle Micro, but either the site is experiencing some temporary difficulty, or they've gone out of business.

The following is from the Google cache:

ACER34EMON...........Acer Refurbished MONITOR 14 ACER 34E
ACER3680................Acer Refurbished LCD DISPLAY COMPLETE Assembly
ACER5520................Acer Refurbished LCD DISPLAY COMPLETE Assembly
ACER5570Z..............Acer Refurbished LCD DISPLAY COMPLETE Assembly
ACERAL1716FB.........Acer Refurbished LCD DISPLAY COMPLETE Assembly

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